[ Read Online The Devil's Bargain Ü theatre PDF ] by Robyn Donald Ê 18 year old heroine overhears her abusive stepfather and her older, sophisticated boyfriend discuss her in the most disgusting terms as potential convenient wife or mistress material in exchange for stepdad handing over the reins of his business to the boyfriend Heroine flees, bums around the world Fast forward four years and the hero accidentally bumps into her in a small Australian resort town where she is temporarily working as a jewelry saleswoman spokesmodel.
This is a juicy set up and the beginning of the book was intriguing as the heroine ponders whether to take her revenge upon the hero and get him out of her system in one strike, or to run away again She wants to pump him and dump him, which I thought was a pretty funny revenge scheme since it belongs exclusively to HPlandia Heroes.
However, once again, Robyn Donald s wordy style kind of bogged the story down for me There is just something heavy and torturous there that brings me down even when the story itself is interesting I believe at one point she uses the expression like a douche of cold water and I just shook my head Also, the hero was soooo Pepe Le Piew with all his constant, cheesy expressions that she was his summer girl, his sunlight, his flower and wine tasting girl, etc Okay, once in a while in the throes of passion, I will forgive you for flowery praise but this guy was handing them out like tic tacs I like my HP heroes on the strong, silent type side.
Plus, both the hero and heroine were extremely wishy washy throughout the story I like a single minded revenge or stalking, crazed, mine mine mine obsession I was never really sure with these two if they did simply want a no strings affair, a real commitment, a revenge, or what Also, whenthe heroine tells the hero she is pregnant and the light dies out in his eyes but then he acts like a doting, expecting father, I was like uh The vicious OW seemed to swoop in like an eagle spotting a meerkat at all the critical times before simply fading into the mist like a bad dream She exposes the lie by omission that the hero has been feeding the heroine the entire time, exposing the fact that yes, they did have an affair once, as short lived as it was Added to the wishy washy explanation by the hero about the whole Escandalo of his wheeling and dealing with heroine s stepdad with the heroine being part of the goods contracted for, and that REALLY did not win any points for the hero on honesty I just didn t know if the OW was lethal to the relationship than the protagonists own wishy washiness and dishonesty.
This is a forgettable and flat story where I had no emotional connection with either protagonist and I didn t really care for their HEA Hi be enmedim ok a r tahmin edilebilir olmas n n yan s ra s radan eli kalem tutan herhangi birinin yazabilece i tarzda bir slubu vard.
Bundan ok daha iyi beyaz diziler var s ra buna gelene kadar Yaln z kim taram sa ok g zel taram bir y ld z da tarayan ki iye gelsin

SHE REFUSES TO BE DOMINATED Hope s stubborn independence had been threatened when she d first met Keir Carmichael and sensed the strong attraction between them She had refused to succumb to his charms, and set off instead to travel Australia.
When Keir unexpectedly walks into her workplace five years later, all suave sophistication and dark, stunning looks, Hope s emotions are thrown into confusion But Keir makes things easier for her he is not taking no for an answeR Ayn Hope gibi kitab okurken Keir in ok zengin oldu unu unutuyorum.
Hope un yan nda onun ko ullar na g re davran ok ho.
Ayr ca Her ne kadar iyi bir ailede yeti tirilmi ,Ailesi taraf ndan sevilmi olsa da hope a kar ok anlay l.
Bu ger ekten ok g zel bir ey.
Not bad but nothing special.
SHE REFUSES TO BE DOMINATED Hope S Stubborn Independence Had Been Threatened When She D First Met Keir Carmichael And Sensed The Strong Attraction Between Them She Had Refused To Succumb To His Charms, And Set Off Instead To Travel AustraliaWhen Keir Unexpectedly Walks Into Her Workplace Five Years Later, All Suave Sophistication And Dark, Stunning Looks, Hope S Emotions Are Thrown Into Confusion But Keir Makes Things Easier For Her He Is Not Taking No For An Answer