[ Pdf The Penguin Book of Curious and Interesting Mathematics (Penguin Mathematics) ↠´ fostering PDF ] by David G. Wells ↠´ Carino anche se lo considero una lettura da portare al mare o alla toilette A collection of short stories, jokes, anecdotes, etc about mathematics, this is one of my favorite books.

Math is curious but the people who study it and write about it are curious still If you like math or find it useful you may like this book and find it useful.
This Intriguing Anthology Of Strange Facts And Weird Anecdotes Spans History And The Globe To Point Out The Impressive Problems Mathematicians Have Attempted To Solve, And The Often Humorous Conclusions They Have Reached As A Result Probability Paradoxes, Record Breaking Prime Numbers , Digits Long , And The Definitive Proof That And Make All Are Examined In This Fascinating Compendium, Which Also Details The Efforts Of People Who Calmed Their Nerves With Algebra, And Used Sextants To Measure The Buttocks Of Hottentot Women From Explanations Of Newton S Views On Chance And Chaos To Scenes From The Life Of Pythagoras And Legal Attempts To Lay Down The Value Of Pi, David Wells Has A True Gift For Making Mathematics Both Lively And Accessible