Download Epub Format ↠´ Butterfly Summer PDF by ✓ Arlene James Excellent story.
1st in a series of 6 books called Davis Landing.
The books are the stories of the 6 Hamilton children.
This was about Heather Hamilton and Ethan Danes.
This is the first story in the Hamilton series each written by other authors I love a good makeover story and this one did not disappoint Heather, thinking she is the ugly duckling was made over in an emergency last minute save at her job when the candidate did not show Ethan, the company photographer has admired and cared for Heather as she was when he first started with the Hamilton s paper and magazine Their story enfolds as Heather thinks she s not pretty enough for Ethan and his wanderlust ways and Ethan thinking he s not good enough for a Hamilton girl The story has a few twists which are always good in a story Looking forward to reading the rest of the children in the series.
The Gossip Guru Has Some Shocking News Devout Wallace Hamilton, Head Of Rival Newspaper The Davis Landing Dispatch, Is Not Jeremy Hamilton S Father Word Is, His Wife Was Already Pregnant When They Wed And Now That Jeremy Has Learned The Truth, He S Quit Who Ll Run The Company While Wallace Is In The Hospital In Hamilton News, Quiet Heather Has Had A Makeover Who Knew She Was So Stunning Maybe Photographer Ethan Danes, Who Seems To Have Taken An Interest In Heather Now That She S Started This Butterfly Summer Butterfly Summerby Arlene James is a sweet contemporary Christian romance It s the first book in the Davis Landing series, a six book, multi author series It s stand alone if you don t mind that there will be loose ends for the secondary characters at the conclusion Heather is the middle daughter of a well to do close knit Christian family that owns and runs a publishing company just outside of Nashville Heather is the features editor of the magazine, and firmly rooted in her hometown Ethan is a top notch photographer for the magazine, but doesn t stay anywhere for long He s long admired Heather from afar because of her beautiful character He isn t a Christian, though What I liked I enjoyed seeing the progression from acquaintance to friendship to romance Well done Heather and Ethan are both very likable Ethan is extremely sweet Heather is a great peacemaker What I didn t like I was so excited about trying of Arlene James that I was disappointed to learn the following books in the series are written by other authors The background plot seems slightly soap opera ish to me Not enough to make me dislike it, but enough that I didn t want to give it 5 stars I d recommend this book to fans of extremely clean contemporary Christian romance I plan to try Arlene James books and will be trying the second in the series, By Her Sideby Kathryn Springer.
I really liked this book, and did anticipate reading book 2 to find out answers But book 2 did not answer my questions about book 1 Book 2 was not as good as 1 I guess because I was wondering what happened with 2 or 3 of the people in it, but never found out.
I admit I picked this book to read because it was summer and I liked the title, but the book turned out pretty good Sad though, that it is the beginning of the series and I m not sure I want to commit myself to the rest but then how can I not know what happens next Oh well, maybe when I get caught up with the rest of my reads I will head back here.
This book was a cute little romance, a little too much religion for my tastes, but not so much that I couldn t get through the book There is a series about this family, but I think the Christian angle was enough that I won t read any.

Other than being a little wordy, this was a really good book.
My grandfather liked to read contemporary Christian romances and when he passed away my grandmother gave me a box filled with these little romance novels This isn t my usual genre, but I did enjoy the light hearted tone to this novel Heather Hamilton was a very relatable character and I enjoyed watching her develop from a plain jane to a gorgeous and confident character As far as cheesy romances go, this would have 5 stars but since it s a very simple storyline and predictable, I d give it a 3.
I liked the story So far so good I m just not into bible verses and it took me by surprise that the Hamiltons were not the usual rich family I read and watch I like how Ethan s character really developed in the story From the temporary guy that he was to the permanent guy for Heather.
Can t wait to get my hands on the other books.