[Kate James] ç Home to Stay (San Diego K-9 Unit #4) [princesses PDF] Read Online Ö From page one, I was hooked I ve thoroughly enjoyed the K 9 series, but Kate James has hit it out of the park with Home to Stay For Sawyer Evans, his worst nightmare has come true when he awakes, during a camping trip, to find his young son has gone missing The frantic search for Dylan will keep you turning the pages from the start of this masterfully crafted story that can only be told by James.
Rookie K 9 officer Shannon Clemens had me rooting for her from the start She s determined to find Dylan with the help of Darwin, the loveable K 9As the scenes advance, you ll find yourself wondering how Sawyer and Shannon will ever conquer the pains from their past in order to find love Thanks to James, I went overtime on my treadmill each day as I read this riveting romantic mystery Home to Stay is a must read My heartstrings were in constant turmoil with this captivating return to Kate James San Diego K 9 Unit series It had my full attention from the first page, and as secrets were told and plots were unraveled, I took the journey of ups and downs right along with them A really intriguing plot will keep you guessing as this cast of characters weave their spell It was great to see the crowd from the previous books and get some exciting updates on them I m crossing my fingers that there are books on the way for us after all, Quinn seems like quite a mystery awaiting unravel Awakening to find your child missing is every parents nightmare Sawyer Evans jumps into action searching everywhere to find him, but his efforts are fruitless He just seems to have vanished Rookie K 9 officer Shannon Clemens is called out with her partner Darwin to look for the missing boy Her first solo assignment might be the end of her if she can t get her emotions under control This case brings back so many memories of a tragedy from her past and she s finding it hard to focus Speaking with Sawyer seems to comfort her as well as him An unexpected connection forges in the wake of despair and helps keep an even keel as things spiral out of control.
Fourth Book In The San Diego K Unit SeriesShe S Bringing His Son HomeA Missing Little Boy Triggers San Diego K Officer Shannon Clemens And Her Canine Search And Rescue Partner Into Instant Action For The Rookie Cop Haunted By A Childhood Tragedy, Bringing Sawyer Evans S Son Safely Home Is Than A Job It S A Mission She Can T Fail But Forging A Friendship With The Father Is A Tactical Error That Could Compromise Her First Solo Assignment Yet The Deepening Bond Between Them Is Almost Impossible To Resist Sawyer loves his son Dylan very much When they re on a camping trip Dylan disappears from their tent and Sawyer starts looking for him, but he can t find Dylan anywhere in the woods Shannon is a San Diego K 9 Unit officer and she brings her dog to track Dylan down However, Dylan doesn t seem to be there, where did he go For Shannon finding Dylan is than just a job and she s determined to bring him back whatever it takes While doing everything she can to find the little boy she spends quite a bit of time with his father However, falling in love with the father of a missing child is extremely complicated and the timing couldn t be worse Will Shannon find Dylan and is there a chance for her and Sawyer or is there too much going on for them to become close Home to Stay is a gripping and romantic story Dylan s disappearance kept me on the edge of my seat He s a sweet little boy and I couldn t turn the pages fast enough to find out why he disappeared Sawyer is a wonderful dad He s a kind and caring man and he does everything in his power to make his son happy I loved that about his character Shannon is strong, capable and incredibly compassionate I loved her big heart and the sympathetic and friendly way she treats people is amazing Home to Stay has the most fantastic main characters and I loved them all from the start.
Kate James has an impressive descriptive writing style She makes her stories come to life in a beautiful emotional way I love her empathy and her great skill to explore what her characters are feeling through and through It gives all of her stories a strong foundation True love can surprise people at the most unexpected moments, which is a subject I m a big fan of Home to Stay is a terrific story about this topic and the story kept surprising me It has plenty of unexpected twists and turns and it s captivating and really well written I highly recommend this special book.
Home to stayWow, I really got into this book Love the mystery and suspense of it, love the characters and especially the dogs Shannon is a police officer that does a rescue with her dog Darwin Sawyer has a young son that is taken from him but they have no idea who kidnapped him His wife had been missing and given up for dead, does it have anything to do with her You will just have to read and see, it is quite a story I just love how Kate James knows how to tell a great story, brings the characters to life and really love books with dogs and children in them This is great series that each book is a stand alone, I have read one other one that is in the series and loved it too Definitely have the other two on list to read I received an advanced copy of the book and so fortunate that I did.
This mysterious, heart wrenching story is a perfect addition to the SanDiego K 9 Unit series The story opens with Sawyer Evans discovering that his young son has gone missing from their tent and you are hooked and just have to find out what happened to little Dylan Evans Enter the just off probation K 9 officer, Shannon Clemens and her four legged partner, Darwin to search for Dylan.
What follows is not a smooth sailing search for Dylan or an easy romance for Shannon and Sawyer The search for Dylan and his kidnapper has many twists and turns and the outcome is very unexpected At one point, you begin to think all is good and the mystery is solved, but just wait Shannon has a heart breaking history and this kidnapping hits too close to home And Sawyer has a troubled past, too, that complicates their budding romance, To say that their path to romance is bumpy is an understatement They re falling for each other but there s so much getting in their way.
Once again, Kate has created a rich, heartwarming romance featuring her love of dogs, a darling child, and a complex couple, all wrapped up in a happily ever after ending It was great to see the continuing stories of the characters from the first three novels in the series, too Enjoy From page one, Kate James grabs the attention of hear readers and hooks them with the intense and suspenseful situation in her novel Home to Stay, book four in the Sand Diego K 9 Unit Series This novel will have readers on the edge of their seats in anticipation of finding out what happens next This story will not only tug at your heartstrings, but is full of twists and turns that will keep readers coming back for Along with the mystery there is also a bit of romance that readers will enjoy This is an excellent addition to the K 9 series and is one readers will not want to miss Series SanDiego K 9 Unit 4Genre contemporary, mystery, romancePublisher HarlequinPublication date July 1, 2017Number of pages 312Other books in the series 1 When the Right One Comes Along2 When Love Matters Most3 When I Found YouA review copy of this novel was provided by Prism Book Tours A review was not required and all views and opinions expressed are my own.

Home to Stay was excellent fast paced and suspenseful I was hooked from the first page In fact, not intending to, I read it in one afternoon evening Couldn t wait to see how it played out Kate James has a way of making the reader vested in the outcome of the situation, both for the situation itself and for the characters involved.
I look forward to each new offering she gives us, the readers.
5 stars In Home to Stay, we start out with high drama, the air thick with suspense, as Shannon and her search and rescue Darwin search for a missing little boy, Dylan From discouragement to hope to elation and everything in between, readers get a front row seat for the search And let me just warn you when you think you can relax don t be too hasty James tossed one curveball after another into the plot and kept tension high.
The other sort of tension going on in Home to Stay is the romantical kind The way their relationship starts is a bit unconventional, and I don t know that I was comfortable with the timing or the instalove aspect of it BUT, there is no denying their chemistry Just wait for that first kiss There s also no denying that they re good for each other However, a couple of major obstacles stand in the way of their happily ever after and I truly almost didn t know how everything would play out The twists and turns kept me captivated, refusing to set me free until I reached the last page Bottom Line Suspense, action, romance, DOGS Home to Stay has something for everyone The theme of rescue adopting rescue dogs, the search and rescue team, the way Sawyer and Dylan really rescued Shannon from life was subtly woven throughout the fabric of the story This well crafted novel brims with personality and warmth, and readers will fall in love with the masterfully trained canines I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book see my review at Reading Is My SuperPower Kate James is one of my favorite Harlequin Heartwarming authors and I love her K 9 Unit series The dogs in these books are such a fantastic addition to the stories This is the fourth book in the series but it can stand alone In this book, Shannon is a new K 9 unit handler She and her dog specialize in search and rescue and she gets called in to find a missing boy who had been camping with his father Shannon lost her brother in almost the exact same way years before which is why she chose this profession Shannon desperately wants to find Sawyer s son and the two form a bond pretty quickly.
I really liked Shannon She was tough but still feminine and tenderhearted Sawyer was maybe not my favorite guy, I was a bit bothered by his back and forth commitment to Shannon but there was no denying his love and devotion to his son The mystery kept me interested and wondering all the way through the book There were twists I didn t see coming and that always makes a book fun Content Clean, some mild kissing I received a copy of this book as part of this review tour All opinions expressed are my own.