Á The Last Days Of Us ☆ Download by Ï Beck Nicholas Six Months Ago, Zoey S Life Went Off The Rails After The Tragic Loss Of Her Brother, She Partied Her Way To Oblivion, Estranged Her Best Friend, Cass, And Pushed Away Her Now Ex, Finn But When Her Destructive Behaviour Reaches Dangerous Heights, Zoey Realises She Needs To Pull Herself Together And Get Her Old Life Back, Including Her Ex There S Just One Complication Finn Is Now Dating CassNow, It S The Last Week Of Summer And Zoey, Cass And Finn Are Setting Out On The Road Trip Of A Lifetime To See Their Favourite Musician, Gray, Perform Live, Joined By Finn S Infuriatingly Attractive Bad Boy Cousin Luc And His Vibrant Younger Sister Jolie Zoey Thinks This Is Her Chance To Put Things To Rights And Convince Finn They Should Get Back Together But She Wasn T Counting On Her Friends Lingering Resentment, Luc S Disarming Sincerity, And Jolie S Infectious Love For Life To Turn Her Plans Upside Down Ich habe eine eher zweigeteilte Meinung Einerseits fand ich Zoey echt selbsts chtig am Anfang, was mich unfassbar genervt hat Aber sie hat sich wenigstens etwas entwickelt Dennoch diese ganze Sache mit beste Freundin kommt mit exfreund zusammen hate it Ich habe mir viel mehr Konzert Fangirl Inhalt erhofft Aber nein, den gab es kaum Der geringe Anteil hat mir aber gefallen und mich angesprochen Zum Ende hin fand ich es besser, aber alles in allem kein Highlight.
i enjoyed this contemporary read not as much as i thought i would have liked but i think if you love books like this you ll enjoy it 2.
5 Stars.
Sixteen year old Zoey is embarking on a journey of reflection and discovery, attending a performance in Melbourne and accompanied by her best friend and former boyfriend After her brother Daniel passed away, her relationships dissolved as Zoey medicated with a destructive concoction of alcohol and isolation Although remorseful, Zoe is courageous to concede and apologise for her behaviour, she continued to endure the relationship of friend and former boyfriend Finn Two important figures in her life seeking solace in one another, rather than support Zoey.
Accompanying them on the journey is Lucien and Jolie, siblings and cousins of Finn A stoic young man and reluctant passenger, Lucien appears menacing while Jolie is a vivacious and effervescent fifteen year old Zoey is attracted to Lucien He s attentive and paternal but with no regards for her best friend, Zoey is determined to rekindle her relationship with Ryan.
I despised Ryan and his girlfriend Zoey was intoxicated and allegedly discovered with a young man and consequently, this excused her friend and boyfriend from their behaviour The narrative circumvents the discussion of consent and Zoey is criticised by her friend for her sexuality, implying she s promiscuous I found the relationship between Zoey, Finn and his girlfriend noxious as Zoey endeavours to reestablish her relationship with Finn It explores adolescent relationships and deception Although Zoey is distressed, she attempts to manipulate Finn into a new relationship Her friend is barely present, a character only existing to aggravate Zoey and create a point of melodrama within the narrative She spends the entire journey either unsociable or being offensive.
Lucien is a compassionate young man and I enjoyed his gentle and familial relationship with Jolie who is spontaneous and charismatic, her enthusiasm and vitality is infectious I m disappointed the narration focalised Zoey when Jolie could have offered a pragmatic perspective I applaud Zoey s character for reflecting on her behaviour but pursuing Finn was uncomfortable Zoey s resentment of the relationship between Lucien and Jolie was exhausting as she continuously compared her relationship with Daniel.
The essence of The Last Days Of Us is spontaneity, absolution and adversity Unfortunately it s melodramatic, monotonous and not for me.
Trigger warnings for substance addiction, grief, sexual assault and terminal illness The entire narrative around Zoey s cheating which was actually sexual assault made me deeply uncomfortable I don t understand how I was meant to like Luc after the kiss scene You do not kiss someone after they tell you to leave them alone, especially when they are crying and visibly upset and do not give you verbal consent God I didn t think Zoey s substance addiction was done justice It was mentioned only in passing a few times and she was confronted by so many potential relapse triggers that were never really an issue A lot of plot holes and stretched believability I m sick to death of that kind of plot twist.
rtc Another contemporary that didn t do it for me When the book starts off with a character calling herself a slut which would carry on about 8 times throughout the entire book , and saying she misses her brother farting in her face out of all the things you would miss about your brother , I knew it was going to be a rough read.
There s this scene, where the guys on the road trip indicate how curvy a girl is And the main character decides that sheIt s not something the easygoing girl I m trying to be would doEXCUSE ME Like you re so easygoing you re just going to let these males step all over you in another breath, saysNot that I care, but then, I didn t need to know she was built like every guy s wet dream eitherA perfect example of internalised misogyny THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED.
Her first mistake is that she goes on a road trip with her best friend who happens to be dating her ex boyfriend I have no idea why she thought this was a good idea because what we get is a strained relationship with her best friend, a lot of internalised hate and pining after her ex boyfriend There s also a lot of relationship drama and I really didn t find any of the character interesting Like her best friend just does not care about her at all and the other characters are fairly bland The only thing I found mildly interesting was the twist at the end which I didn t see coming, but at least we came full circle I ended up skimming the rest of the book because I just had no interest in it and I m glad it s over I also really disliked the romance, because it seemed like it evolved just because she was there Also can I say her ex boyfriend Finn is trash Truth be told, I can see where the book was going It s about a girl dealing with the grief and the loss of her brother, who makes drunken mistakes and is suffering from the consequences of this There s a lot to be desired in her approach and her mindset though Including referring to herself as a slut over and over again hey if you think my review is repetitive, that s how it was in the book I just felt like this book held a lot of internalised misogyny, with girl on girl hate and I m not about that I received a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
I bought this book yesterday, and finished it last night well, technically this morning it was after midnight That s something that never happens to me these days, so I needed you to know that upfront While some of the speed with which I read it is due to the relatively short length of this young adult contemporary, especially compared the epic fantasy I finished a week ago, most of it is due to Nicholas s accessible writing style and the natural momentum of a road trip story.
But The Last Days Of Us isn t just any road trip story Firstly, it s Australian, set on the road between Adelaide and Melbourne as the characters travel there to see the musician Grey in concert That has particular appeal for me, because although that s not a drive I ve done myself I ve seen photos of a lot of the landmarks that the teens visit It s always self affirming to see your own world in fiction.
Secondly, The Last Days Of Us is a powerful exploration of grief and grieving As the blurb says, Zoey is trying to piece her life back together after losing herself in alcohol and wild parties following her brother s death She has broken up with her boyfriend, has grown distant from her best friend who is now dating her boyfriend, so that seems fair , and is estranged from her parents She can see that her life is a mess, but the only way she can see to fix it is to try and return to the old Zoey, the one she was before Dan died She tries to do this in a very literal sense same haircut, same fashion sense, same boyfriend.
Some may find Zoey s intention to get between Cass and Finn a little shocking, but it didn t prevent me from being able to get behind her as a character For a start, Zoey isn t particularly nefarious about it She doesn t set out to directly sabotage Cass with Finn She instead tries to reconnect with him, show him that the old Zoey is back even if she s not and never can be , and see if that is enough Also, it s clear from the beginning that Finn is a terrible choice for Zoey and probably for Cass , so I guess I never expected Zoey s scheme to go very far.
I m not going to lie, those moments in the first half of the book where she tries to orchestrate things so she can talk to Finn alone are awkward as anything But, here s the thing I found them so cringey because I remember how, when I was seventeen, I tried to arrange things so I could be with a crush Not one that had a girlfriend, admittedly, but I was just about as ham fisted about it as Zoey I could really relate to her in that regard.
There are other elements of grief in the story, ones I won t get into because of spoilers They are fairly well telegraphed, and play out as you might expect but that didn t make them any less heartbreaking Still, the scene that made me cry is one that is all Zoey, mourning for her brother Her grief is so raw.
The relationship that develops between Zoey and Luc is sweet, and didn t feel rushed despite the relatively short timeframe in which most of the book takes place He is perceptive, is sweet without being a pushover when Zoey is rude to him, and provides an excellent foil for the shallowness that is Finn Cass is a littleproblematic as a character she clearly struggles with having Zoey back on the scene and is insecure about her relationship with Finn, but she resorts to some pretty low comments for a supposed best friend She and Finn try to slut shame Zoey, which did make me want to punch them a little bit The other thing I really loved about this book was Grey, the teen musician they are travelling to see He s only in a couple of scenes, but excerpts from his songs written by the author, obviously are at the start of each chapter, so his fingerprints are throughout His music leans towards tortured and broody, so the excerpts are a nice note so to speak.
Definitely check out The Last Days Of Us for an easy but compelling summer read.
Bei Remember the Fun habe ich eine sommerliche Roadtrip Geschichte erwartet, aber leider konnte das Buch meine Erwartungen nicht ganz erf llen.
Die Vorgeschichte der Protagonistin Zoey ist durch den Tod ihres Bruders vor einigen Monaten doch eher d ster und es war leider nicht so die lockere leichte Lekt re, die ich erwartet habe.
Die Geschichte pl tschert gr tenteils vor sich hin Die Freunde, die von Adelaide nach Melbourne zu einem Konzert eines gro en Musikstars reisen, sind mit dem Auto unterwegs und legen unterwegs auch einige Stops ein Leider wollte hier so gar kein Roadtrip Feeling aufkommen, was unter anderem auch daran lag, dass leider sehr wenig landwirtschaftliches beschrieben wird Man h tte berall sein k nnen, das fand ich etwas schade und hier hat definitiv was gefehlt.
Zum Ende hin gibt es noch eine unerwartete Wendung, die mich zwar einerseits sehr ber hren konnte, aber andererseits doch ein wenig erzwungen wirkte, um noch ein wenig Dramatik reinzubringen.
Mit den Charakteren bin ich auch nicht so richtig warm geworden Insgesamt sind alle leider ziemlich blass geblieben.
doesn t love a road trip themed novel I know I have a weakness for these books, they never seem to fail to appeal my sense of adventure and escapism The Last Days of Us, written by Australian novelist Beck Nicholas, takes the reader on an interstate jaunt with Zoey, her best friend Cass, ex Finn and Finn s cousins The group use the last week of summer as an excuse to take a road trip in a kombi, travelling from Adelaide to Melbourne, to see Gray, their favourite musician The Last Days Of Us is a moving coming of age story, coloured with moments of light and dark.
Zoey, the main protagonist of The Last Days of Us, lost her brother Dan over six months ago in a tragic car accident Since the crash, life has been hard for Zoey We learn that Zoey has engaged in a fair bit of self destructive behaviour since the loss of her brother This carefree behaviour has directly impacted on her relationships and as a result, Zoey has lost her boyfriend Finn to her best friend Cass In an attempt to make amends for her actions, Zoey suggests a road trip to mark the end of the summer, to see their favourite performer, Gray The trip offers Zoey a chance to reconnect with her estranged friend and ex As she desperately clings onto the hope of reconciliation with Finn, Zoey finds herself drawn to Luc, Finn s mysterious cousin With the infectious Jolie by her side, Zoey s life begins to make a change for the better.
I saw a recent recommendation of The Last Days Of Us by an author I follow closely on social media, Rachael Johns I was pleased when a copy of The Last Days Of Us came into my possession and after reading this raw coming of age novel, I am keen to explore the back catalogue of Beck Nicholas.
The Last Days Of Us is a book targeted to the young adult market, with the main protagonist and her band of friends being aged in their late teens However, I still feel this is a novel that can be appreciated by adult readers In fact, The Last Days Of Us evoked a strong sense of nostalgia for me, as it enabled me to recall the last summer of high school, as I made that difficult transition from a high school student, to a young adult It was a tough time for me personally, as it is for our leading lady of the novel, Zoey Although my experience at this age was nowhere near as tragic as Zoey s, I could still find some semblance with her situation.
I appreciated Beck Nicholas writing style The Last Days Of Us is well written, very much targeted to the key audience of this novel and has a distinctly Australian flavour I loved the road trip scenes very much I lapped up the locations that are familiar to me and I thought Nicholas captured the sense of freedom a road trip ignites very well indeed.
There are some dark and tough moments in this novel that Nicholas handles with care First there is the loss of lead character Zoey s brother Nicholas shows us the stages of grief through these sections of the novel and I believe she presents these in a sensitive manner The book also explores close held secrets, fractured friendships, romance, attraction, hedonism and mental health These relevant and contemporary issues are offset by poignant moments of self actualisation Although it was an emotional ride with Zoey and her friends, the road travelled offered some fun times, along with the promise of a bright future ahead for the characters of The Last Days of Us.
An extra feature of The Last Days Of Us that I feel must be acknowledged, as I thought it was a great touch, are the song lyrics that adorn each chapter beginning of the novel The lyrics selected come from the performer Gray, who is Zoey s favourite musician Gray plays an important role in the novel, as he is the main reason why the group embark upon a road trip from state to state This extra touch added to the musical flavour of the novel and I found myself looking forward to each new chapter, to read through these meaningful song words.
The Last Days Of Us is a story of heartbreak, regret, righting past wrongs, making plans for the future and appreciating each day as a gift This emotional coming of age young adult novel is peppered with a distinctly Australian flavour, which I loved I enjoyed The Last Days Of Us very much and I encourage all readers to add this book to your essential summer holiday reads pile I wish to thank the publisher, Harlequin books Australia, for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
This was a sweet and fun love story, with a giant side of feels no, you re ugly crying A perfect summer read.