[ Pdf Forbidden River (The Legionnaires #2.5) Ì world-war-i PDF ] by Brynn Kelly ✓ Loved it A quick, thrilling read It introduced me to a new part of the world remote New Zealand But mostly I loved the realistic, non stop thrill ride Two brave characters face off against impossible odds both with Mother Nature and the villain and find a love that fits who they are I love that Tia brings as much to the table in terms of survival as Cody does As strong as the hero ine were, they each needed someone equally strong in order to share their inner vulnerabilities.
I won t give it away, but the bungee jump scene at the end had one of the most profound romantic internal thoughts I ve ever read in a hero.
I can see why this won the RITA award for Best Novella.
Great book Rich in detail and story.
The first book I read from Kelly was Edge of Truth June 1, 2017 , which is Book 2 in The Legionnaires series I immediately purchased Deception Island Book 1 and now she is on my list of must read authors Forbidden River is about one of the men in the Legion, but the story isn t about their work Cody Castillo has a bit of a death wish after his brother died He hides that by calling it adrenaline rush but really, that s what is at play here He takes a cross planet trip to get to one of the toughest white water rivers in the world and he plans to travel it solo.
Jarring him from his plan, his pilot Tia comes under fire from a madman, and he hurries to help her Tia is ex military and can hold her own, but they make a great team At one point, she reminds Cody that she respects his military abilities and he needs to respect hers, so he backs down and lets her do her thing The entire novella is their escape, which is exciting, and ends with a happy for now trending towards happy everafter, which is really the likeliest of endings with a novella This is why I don t read short stories or novellas as a rule unless it s a continuation of a known story there are just too few pages available to really develop characters or the story With that said, Kelly packed in as much character background and motivation as possible and I hope to hear about them in upcoming novels This is a really good novella and a fun, exciting read It s perfect for when you re stuck at that soccer game or have a couple of hours to kill I believe this stands independently so that the reader can enjoy it without having read the other books, but why would you want to do that The other books are worth their cost and available in digital format Download and read them all you ll love them.
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5 stars This is a very well written novella The story was tight and compact good things in a novella Forbidden River had no fat or fluff all the necessary elements of a great novella were there action, suspense, and, most importantly, a believable romance It got my adrenaline going in several ways and I really liked it.
Fast paced and gripping novella from Brynn Kelly, an amazing writer.
This was a cute little story that was an easy read I m glad the next book goes back to the Legionnaires in duty.
This was a great little quick read, an exciting story line and a great little romance Highly recommend Check out Brynn Kellys other books as well, they are fab A Dangerous Game At The End Of The Earth For French Foreign Legionnaire Cody Castillo, Chasing Deadly Thrills Is The Only Reprieve From A Bloodstained Past He Can T Forget But When The Adrenalin Junkie Finds Himself Caught In A Mass Murderer S Crosshairs In The Lonely Wilds Of New Zealand, He Finds An Unexpected And Intriguing AllyEx Air Force Pilot Tia Kupa Has Always Found Safety In Nature, Until A Killer Turns The Wilderness Into A Playground In This Life Or Death Game, The Guarded Woman Who Lives By The Rules Must Rely On A Risk Taker With A Death Wish The Sexy Devil May Care Legionnaire May Be The Wrong Guy For Her, But Desire Is Just As Primal As Terror Even If They Outrun A Predator, They Can T Escape The Sizzling Bond Neither Of Them Saw Coming It was pretty good, lots of adventure and suspense.
I love novellas and this one was excellently written, with great well drawn characters.