↠´ Every Breath Î Download by ☆ Nicholas Sparks In The Romantic Tradition Of The Notebook And Nights In Rodanthe, New York Times Bestselling Author Nicholas Sparks Returns With A Story About A Chance Encounter That Becomes A Touchstone For Two Vastly Different Individuals Transcending Decades, Continents, And The Bittersweet Workings Of FateHope Anderson Is At A Crossroads At Thirty Six, She S Been Dating Her Boyfriend, An Orthopedic Surgeon, For Six Years With No Wedding Plans In Sight, And Her Father Recently Diagnosed With ALS, She Decides To Use A Week At Her Family S Cottage In Sunset Beach, North Carolina, To Ready The House For Sale And Mull Over Some Difficult Decisions About Her FutureTru Walls Has Never Visited North Carolina But Is Summoned To Sunset Beach By A Letter From A Man Claiming To Be His Father A Safari Guide, Born And Raised In Zimbabwe, Tru Hopes To Unravel Some Of The Mysteries Surrounding His Mother S Early Life And Recapture Memories Lost With Her Death When The Two Strangers Cross Paths, Their Connection Is As Electric As It Is Unfathomable But In The Immersive Days That Follow, Their Feelings For Each Other Will Give Way To Choices That Pit Family Duty Against Personal Happiness In Devastating WaysIlluminating Life S Heartbreaking Regrets And Enduring Hope, Every Breath Explores The Many Facets Of Love That Lay Claim To Our Deepest Loyalties And Asks The Question, How Long Can A Dream Survive 2.
5 stars Every Breath is the first Nicholas Sparks book I have read I wanted to love it but, unfortunately, I was underwhelmed The author wants us to believe that Tru and Hope fall passionately in love after spending two days together It is not entirely improbable, but to me it felt like two strangers forming a wonderful bond of friendship rather than starting a romance Any sparks are tepid at best, and the declarations of love come out of left field The story is rushed, but it also seems to drag in places Actual conversations with other characters are glossed over in favor of lengthy exposition The huge time gap also hurt my emotional investment On the positive side, Sparks does a fantastic job describing the charming North Carolina beach town where the bulk of the story takes place I felt as though I could taste the salty breeze, feel the brisk air, and see the gorgeous sand dunes from Hope s deck The writing is on the sappy side, and while this should be a moving tale, I failed to connect with the story or the main characters on a meaningful levelI received an early version of this book to voluntarily read There are stories that rise from mysterious, unknown places, and others that are discovered, a gift from someone else.
Found near a sandy dune, on an actual stretch of North Carolina beach, sits a community mailbox owned by no one and everyone A character in its own right, Kindred Spirit rests atop a driftwood post, waiting to share the hopes and dreams entrusted by past visitors, along with this resounding message love endures Letters and photocopied drawings available for perusal during the time of Nicholas Sparks own visit to the box, served as the catalyst, prompting him to track down the couple behind the heartfelt words Ultimately, it was their journey that provided the inspiration for this story within a story and the author s mighty return to his roots the telling of a love so intense, it s felt with the reader s Every Breath and turn of the page And so it begins, with fate placing Tru and Hope on the same stretch of beach The destiny that matters most in anyone s life is the one concerning love.
A plane ticket and a plea from Tru s estranged father brings him halfway around the world from the the bush in Zimbabwe to the coast of North Carolina His time abroad proves to be life altering giving him the opportunity to lay eyes on his father for the very first time and the introduction to the one person he never knew his soul yearned for It s the misadventures of the rambunctious terrier staying in the beach cottage next door that brings about the meet cute Decompressing from the stressors wreaking emotional havoc, Hope s intention is to spend a few days alone at her family s beach house to gain some much needed clarity The furthest thing from her mind, meeting a man like Tru Pivotal days including a trip to Kindred Spirit force Hope and Tru to make hard and fast decisions What are they willing to sacrifice for the type of love experienced only once in a lifetime This is where things get a tad tricky for me The very place where Nicholas Sparks makes me gnaw on my own words and admit I just might be a bit of hypocrite I ve made it clear loudly, and than a few times insta love doesn t work for me in any capacity But, and this is a HUGE but, Nicholas Sparks seems to be the outlier and here s why Glossing over the development of those lovey dovey emotions on the front end of the falling is typical for him, opting instead to sell the reader on the back end And you know what, it works Once that declaration of love is released into the fictional universe, it s game on as the full force, feel it in your bones, your heart wants to explode from all of the giddiness feelings takes over So, regardless of how few days it takes Hope and Tru to transition from strangers to lovers, the intensity of their connection is undeniable As a seasoned Sparks reader, I d be remiss if I didn t mention that Every Breath went a long way to piece together the shambles Two By Two left my heart in Kudos to Sparks for trying something different with his previous two releases, but neither worked well for this love obsessed heart of mine See Me felt like a detour and Two By Two felt like a completely wrong turn Both forcing me to ponder, had the king of romance lost his touch Nope Leave it to the wonders of Kindred Spirit to inspire a story reminiscent of the author s greats I think a trip of my own is imminentTHANK YOU to Grand Central for providing a copy in exchange for my honest review.

Spoilers ahead I just finished Every Breath this morning and it turned out to be pretty good Once I got about half way through I was leary with the direction the book was taking, but by the end it came together nicely.
Hope is in a relationship that she isn t exactly content with Her boyfriend Josh doesn t seem to be committing and after six years she wonders what their future holds Her dad has been diagnosed with a debilitating health condition and she doesn t know how much time they have left together She plans a visit to their family cottage on Sunset Beach because her family has decided to sell it and she needs to help prepare During that week, Hope meets Tru who is on a temporary visit from Africa to meet his father for the first time Tru s hope is to learn about his mother while he s there When Tru and Hope meet, they have a genuine interest in each other It s love at first sight and they can t stop thinking about one anotherThrough the window, he was able to see into the kitchen as Hope emerged from around the corner, a towel draped over her shoulder, and pulled two cups from the cabinet She interested him That she was beautiful there was no doubt, but it wasn t simply that There was an air of vulnerability and loneliness behind her smile, as if she was wrestling with something troubling Maybe even a few somethings As their time comes to a close, their family circumstances get in the way and they have to make a difficult decision regarding their future together Will they follow their hearts Nicholas Sparks writes beautiful romances I ve been reading his books for as long as I can remember and I m used to his writing With that said, the romance in this book felt like insta love and went way to quick for me The two meet they are totally physically attracted to one another then they are in love in just a matter of a few days Don t get me wrong, it s not that I don t think two people can have a quick connection like Tru and Hope did, it s just that for me it felt rushed and I wanted development to their relationship Another issue I had was that even with the strong connection they feel for each other, they go separate ways and live separate lives, and decades later they still feel the same It s like this huge piece of their time apart never happened even with zero communication in between I get that we make decisions in life and we have to take the road that follows, but feeling as strong as these two did and knowing the options that Hope had in her current relationship, their decisions just didn t feel right to me I wanted them to stay together and it just wasn t going to happen, but regardless, I found it to be a good story These are just my personal opinions on the story itself based on the characters backgrounds and choices.
I still enjoyed the book I loved that even though it s a work of fiction, parts of it were true I even had a few tears as they read through some of the letters from Kindred Spirit a mailbox in North Carolina that really exists The writing is beautiful and detailed The characters had depth with their own histories It just really felt good to get back into a Spark s novel.
5 stars rounded up.
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com I loved this novel For those that enjoy a timeless, classic, romantic love story.
check this one out From the beginning author s introduction from Nicholas Sparks to the very end, I was fully enraptured and captivated As so many important novels do, it had me thinking about life and circumstance throughout reading and left me with similar questioning thoughts once I turned the last page This book has all the makings of a love story to remember from the characters strength, resilience, and loyalty to the moments that squeeze your heart with heartbreak for situations that no one should have to go through This novel was relatable for any age whether young or old and I can only imagine that many like me could see themselves in these character s shoes for different moments of their lives Whether it be for making that difficult decision that alters a life s path or dealing with the grief of loss that only comes from living and loving.
For those that are a fan of Nicholas Sparks novels, you will not be disappointed with this one It has all the telltale signs of what he is rightfully known for It s one of those stories that only he can tell best Thank you to Hachette Book Group Canada for sending me an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review