Ö Read ✓ The Greeks Forbidden Innocent by Annie West ½ The Greek S Virgin Bride Is Hiding Her Royal Identity While Helping Her Friend Escape An Arranged Marriage, Dutiful Princess Mina Finds Herself Captive On Enigmatic Alexei Katsaros S Luxurious Private Island Mina Must Convince Alexei That She S His Future Bride, But She Doesn T Expect Their Scorching Chemistry To Be So Deliciously Overwhelming And After A Night In The Greek S Bed, Suddenly There S At Stake Than Just Mina S Hidden Identity Her Heart Is At Alexei S Mercy, Too Escape To An Island Paradise With The Billionaire And His Royal Bride Luke warm romance If H didn t go berserk when he found out heroine s deception, I d give 3 stars, lol.
MS West is an auto buy author for me she never disappoints, she opens up fabulous worlds with awesome characters that make me want to be there with them on their journeys to HEA s that are sensual, sizzling and just fabulous, and this one is a must read, sit back relax go to a beautiful island and meet Alexei Katsaros and Princess Mina, I am sure you will not want to put this one down.
Princess Mina has been living in Paris for some time now and doing what she loves best her art sculpting, designing perfume bottles for her sister, but when her best friend Carissa is about to be taken away for an arranged marriage Mina steps in to help and ends up on a private island in the Caribbean with a gorgeous Greek There is an electrical spark between them on their first meeting and Mina finds it hard to keep up the pretence when they end up in bed together in a sensual explosion of passion, Alexei opens up a whole new world for Mina and she is falling for him.
Alexei is a very wealthy man these days but that has been a lot of hard work on his part and for him trust is not easy to come by, so when the man whom he thought he could trust does the wrong thing he decides to take his daughter to be his bride in the hopes that he will re surface Alexei is stunned at the feisty woman that lands on his doorstep, but he is even stunned by the pull that he feels for her and when a storm arrives, they end up in bed together and for Alexei it is like never before.
Oh my goodness this story is awesome Mina is a feisty fun loving heroine a beautiful person and she had me smiling lots when she arrives on the island and it takes Alexei a bit to get his feelings in order and keep on track with his plans, neither of them could imagine the love and passion that would take over, Mina was having a hard time trying to keep Carissa safe and Alexei well trust doesn t come easy for him I loved this story, it truly is a sizzler of a story and left me a very happy reader, MS West writes stories that are magical and stay with me for a long time to come, I loved catching up with Ghizlan and Huseyn, thank you MS West.
I really liked this at the beginning , the H was hot and the idea of the h taking her friends place so she can marry the man she loves and saving her from the arrogant H excited me but it was slow , the angst was slow and I didn t like the h plus no marriage and no babies Just a proposal after a year together.
The Greek s virgin bride is hiding her royal identity While helping her friend escape an arranged marriage, dutiful Princess Mina finds herself captive on enigmatic Alexei Katsaros s luxurious private island Mina must convince Alexei that she s his future bride, but she doesn t expect their scorching chemistry to be so deliciously overwhelming And after a night in the Greek s bed, suddenly there s at stake than just Mina s hidden identity her heart is at Alexei s mercy, too Escape to an island paradise with the billionaire and his royal bride The Greek s Forbidden Innocent by Annie West is a sexy and enjoyable story where a case of mistaken identity leads to a long lasting romance.
Princess Mina of Jeirut is determined to protect her Parisian friend Carissa from a marriage of convenience arranged by Carissa s father to Alexei Katsaros, a wealthy software development entrepreneur She volunteers to take Carissa s place when Alexei s men come to take Carissa to his remote Caribbean island paradise, hoping she can stave off Alexei long enough for Carissa to elope with her boyfriend Her ruse works when Alexei mistakes her for Carissa.
Alexei is flummoxed by Carissa She doesn t seem to be anything like the woman his former employee described Alexei is furious with Carissa s father who has disappeared and cheated Alexei out of a substantial sum of money and Alexei plans to hold Carissa hostage as bait to induce her father to reappear But his attraction to Carissa makes things complicated Suddenly revenge doesn t seem so sweet But what will happen when he finds out who Carissa really is For of this review please visit Harlequin Junkie copy of this story was provided by the publisher for review.
Also known as Billionaire s Prisoner in Paradise The Greek s Forbidden Innocent in Annie West s 35th Harlequin book and it is a gorgeous gem of a book The perfection of the writing and subtle nuances throughout this story shows why this Annie is one of the best in the writing business.
A tangled web of impulsive deception instigated by Princess Mina of Jeirut to halt billionaire Alexei Katsaros s misguided plans to force Mina s best friend Carissa Carter to marry him, sees this story dramatically begin Mina allows herself to be whisked away to Alexei s private island purporting to be Clarissa in attempt to buy Clarissa time to wed her true love, Pierre Mina however, was not prepared for the instant and undeniable attraction she felt for Alexei after her arrival.
My favourite scenes from the story are during an electrifying storm as the gamut of emotions and reactions are expertly crafted by Ms West giving the reader a sense of being there themselves rather that standing by the sidelines watching to see how it all unfolds.
Mina and Alexei are fantastic characters They are so strong, refreshing, and charming You will experience a broad spectrum of emotion throughout this book It goes from trepidation, banter, and circling around each other to deep and raw.
Annie West has a winner with the Greek s Forbidden Innocent, as it was the perfect mix of sweet and sensual with undertones of humour and a mixture of intensity and emotion in between.
Ho hum story of a princess who masquerades as her bff Bff wants to marry her boyfriend Bff s father wants her to marry the hero Bff s father is embezzling from the hero, and hero thinks he ll get retribution by kidnapping marrying his daughter It really makes no sense Heroine travels to the hero s Caribbean island The H h spend time together There is a hurricane They have sex Heroine is a virgin Hero is smitten Heroine is smitten.
Hero finds out the truth for the black moment Hero ends up groveling for being upset by the heroine s deception Bff married her boyfriend Bff s father didn t go to prison He got counselling and a job working with disadvantaged children in the heroine s home kingdom.
Hero looked like a chump.
THE GREEK S FORBIDDEN INNOCENT by author Annie West is a February 2019 release by Harlequin Presents series.
Princess Mina came instead of her friend to an island when Alexie Katsaro summoned her to talk about their marriage Mina finds herself attracted to Alexie Passions run high Alexie also was attracted to her Would she give in to their fiery passion and raging chemistry Alexie doesn t like to be betrayed, yet he is betrayed once again when he finds out that Mina was not who he thought she was Yet he couldn t ignore the longing he has for her love Could they have a happy ever after THE GREEK S FORBIDDEN INNOCENT is a mesmerizing romance filled with emotional intensity and sensuality Author Annie West once again astounds her readers with her heart warming story telling style.
Highly recommended for all readers of romance.