[ Pdf Truth Hurts ☆ 13th-century PDF ] by Rebecca Reid ã Poppy Has A Secret Drew Has Nothing To Hide Theirs Was A Whirlwind RomanceAnd When Drew, Caught Up In The Moment, Suggests That He And Poppy Don T Tell Each Other Anything About Their Past Lives, That They Live Only For The Here And Now, For The Future They Are Building Together, Poppy Jumps At The Chance For A Fresh StartBut It Doesn T Take Long For Poppy To See That This Is A Two Way Deal Drew Is Hiding Something From Her And Poppy Suddenly Has No Idea Who The Man She Has Married Really Is, Or What He Might Be Capable Of Poppy Has A Secret Drew Has Nothing To Hide Drew Is Lying Which Is Dangerous, A Secret Or A Lie Perfect Lies , Rebecca Reid s first book was brill, this is as brill if not briller Poppy is a Nanny to a formidable family who basically treat her terrible, one night she has had enough and leavesbasically homeless and penniless she meets DrewDrew is yummy, perfect, rich and a gentlemanThey fall instantly in love and decide to marryEverything is perfectWell, these things do happen, don t they We find out they dont Drew has a past, we dont know what it is or what happened in it but it is alluded to all the way throughNow re read the last sentence but add Poppy instead of Drew With the help of Gina, Poppy s bezzie and some abhorrent rich friends who come to stay at their new house abhorrently wonderful it has to be said it looks like we might get some answersAnd then.
And that s it as far as plot goes as what happens next is sooooo bad but sooooo good for the reader Cleverly narrated with some chapters going back to Poppy s former life the want to know who these 2 really are and what they are hiding had me excited and eager to find out the truth behind these 2 Wonderfully descriptive, I wanted to move into Poppy and Drew s new home and experience their lives and all the trappings that came with it, this book is a clever and captivating psychological thriller that teases the whole way through10 105 Stars

Rebecca Reid s first novel, Perfect Liars, was a terrific read Truth Hurts is just as good, if not better.
Poppy, a nanny, is on her uppers, fired by her horrible employer in the middle of the night while on holiday in Ibiza An apparently terrible situation turns into a huge stroke of luck, though, when she meets Drew and the two fall almost instantly in love Whirlwind romance ensues, but Drew has secrets and so does Poppy A deal never to talk about the past has benefits for both But when they return to the UK, things start to get strange.
It doesn t sound so original described like that, but it s an excellent read which kept me thoroughly engaged, particularly via the believable characters of Poppy and her friend Gina, with an ending on a note of darkness which I never saw coming Events in the present are interspersed with before again, a standard technique in psychological thrillers, but worked well While we learn about Poppy, Drew remains largely a mystery throughout, as indeed he is to his new wife While there were a couple of things which in retrospect didn t quite make sense to me, it didn t detract in any way from my enjoyment Many thanks for the opportunity to read and review Truth Hurts is the second Rebecca Reid novel I have read and it was every bit as good as Perfect Liars This is amazing unique story that gripped me from the start and I couldn t put it down A superb psychological thriller, the author made this book come alive The writing is excellent, the story intruiging and the characters were well developed and so interesting A real page turner I m looking forward to reading by Rebecca Reid.