Ô Hatha Yoga Illustrated á Download by Ô Martin Kirk Great reference book for beginner or for home practices The poses are photographs android include some variations of the poses for beginner, moderate and intense levels of difficultly The information included with each Adana indicates which part of body is focussed on, as well as the contraindications for the asanas.
The first part gives an overview of yoga, the middle shows the asanas, and the final section offers some hatha routines.
The only thing better than this book is taking a class with Martin this book is a fabulous and useful asana guide.
Great photos and explanations of yoga poses Gives modifications too.
I used this book for my college yoga class It was easily laid out for first time yoga students Very informative.

great for benefits of posesif you want to create a class, vinyasa, or series for addressing a specific mind body spirit focus, this book really outlines which poses will benefit you.
This book didn t make it onto my list yet because the only pages meant to be read in order are the first 26 pages The rest of the book is a resource of yoga poses So while I have been using the book for a few months already, it is finally on my list The authors did a wonderful job of explaining how to hold or move through each pose, accompanied by photos showing exactly what the explanations mean I love having the indexes at the back, listing the poses by both their English name Sanskrit name And the guide alongside each pose is invaluable, explaining counterpose, drishti, benefits for both mental physical health, and any contraindications you might need to be aware of when doing the pose This is one of the best yoga resource books I ve come across.
A basic breakdown with step by step illustrations of the major asanas along with the relevant information a teacher needs to know like the mental and physical benefits along with the contraindications I like that modifications are included and how the book is broken down by type of posture This was a part of my teacher training curriculum but I ll definitely be holding on to it for reference through the years.
Nice reference book good photos, and I like the pose modifications, etc Well laid out as a quick easy reference.
Experience The Physical Benefits And Body Awareness From Hatha Yoga The Most Popular Form Of Yoga Today Hatha Yoga Illustrated Presents Nearly Full Color Photos To Visually Demonstrate Standard Poses From Hatha Yoga That Apply To All Major Hatha Styles Including Iyengar, Astanga, Anusara, And BikramIndividual Poses Are Presented From Start To Finish, Showing You How To Achieve Proper Alignment And Breathing To Ensure Challenging Yet Safe Execution The Result Is An Increase In The Effectiveness, Both Physically And Mentally, You Ll Experience With Each Pose Several Pose Variations Based On Your Personal Preference, Ability, And Fitness Level Are Also IncludedEleven Sample Yoga Routines Show How To Assemble The Poses Into Workouts That Meet Your Specific Time, Difficulty, And Intensity Parameters Colorful And Comprehensive, Hatha Yoga Illustrated Is Organized For Your Ultimate Convenience And Use Use It To Guide Your Muscles, As Well As Your Mind, And Increase Strength And Stamina, Reduce Stress And Anxiety, Reduce Blood Pressure, And Increase Flexibility