✓ Read ☆ The Complete Idiot's Guide to the World of Harry Potter (Complete Idiot's Guide to) by Tere Stouffer á They actually have an Idiot s Guide to Harry Potter I laughed so hard Now, this is THE book every Potterhead would want to read Seriously So why 4 stars Actually, i would like to give 4 a half stars because it is very detailed up to where every word originated from but if i have to say it, too much details could bore some of us which is me included in the later part if the book As the title mentioned, it is about the world of Harry Potter as in the wizarding world that created by the genius J.
K Rowling rather than about the plot it s characters.
Very enjoyable informative read For Fans Of All Ages Here Is An Entertaining And Easily Referenced Presentation Of Insider Information To The World That JK Rowling Has Created In Her Spellbinding Series Of Novels The Complete Idiot S Guide To The World Of Harry Potter Explores All Aspects Of The Wizarding World And Explains Factually In Terms Of Their Relationship To Historical, Literary, Religious, Scientific, Or Mythological Roots In Depth Information On The Facts Behind All Seven books In The Harry Potter Series Covers All The Relevant Influences For The Harry Potter Series, From Religion And Mythology To Science And Literature Can Be read From Cover To Cover Or Used As A Quick Reference Guide Mistakes so far Yorkshire Pudding unless it s something like toad in the hole it doesn t have anything added to the batter at least not any of the Yorkshire Puddings I ve ever seen.
Turkish Delight is not ANYTHING like described in this book Seriously, even a google search would have told you this Just for a start, it s not English It s not like taffy It doesn t usually come with sprinkles.
King s English Dude England have a Queen Have had one for like the last SIXTY years So it would be the Queen s English.
The Knight Bus In Half Blood Prince the Knight bus took Harry, Hermione and Ron back to Hogwarts after Christmas So possible to get the Knight Bus even if not stranded A Levels Although the Public schools may sit the International Baccalaureate, most 6th form students sit A levels instead.
However overall this was an interesting book and a good read for the Harry Potter Fan.
Well, I know for a fact i m not an idiot, but I think the author is The author has a lot of facts wrong And it really turned me off I finished the book, but it was not an enjoyable read, it was painful.
Honestly I read this before I read Harry Potter I know, I know, I was really late to the Harry Potter world It was very helpful in order to talk to my HP friends and not sound like a complete Muggle Of course I eventually read all the books and was hooked, thank you This reference guide was still very helpful when I hit something in the book I didn t understand Let s be honest, all those potion names and spell names can be a bit to remember your first time reading.
Didn t quite like this book, not complete very little mention of book 7 except for the horcruxes hallows Missed out some stuff from the earlier books too, a disappointment But as a Harry Potter fan, I couldn t miss out on any Potter related books, official or not.
Already being a HUGE potter fan when I read this, I knew most of what was in it.

This book of facts is only of any use to you if you re not a Potterhead to begin with If you re already part of the cult fandom, you ll soon see all the mistakes and errors and feel cheated Like I did.
I thought it had alot of information, but it seemed very boring I did not expect to be intrigued, but it would have been nice if it said than the roots of the words I was expecting mentionings of Harry, but that was fine I would not read this again SO BORING