✓ Blackmailed into the Greek Tycoon's Bed ê Download by ½ Carol Marinelli Karin s family is supposed to be a great and famous one Her grandfather was a well known and well payed rugby player and her parents a gorgeous couple But appearances can be deceiving.
When Xante first sees Karin, he wants to melt the Ice Queen himself.
The challenge is set.
And when Karin tries to steal something she claims it s rightfully hers, the motive is found.
The book was modest but it contained many inadequacies I m from Greece and therefore, I could say that some of the terms used in this book were not spelled correct or were inacuarate This book is the last one I had to read in the International Billionaire s Series and it s one of my favorite ones I am not that crazy about rugby, which is the theme of the books but there wasn t too much about rugby mania in it making the story of Karin Wallis, a beautiful titled English woman and Xanthus Rossi, a beyond gorgeous, rich and powerful Greek tycoon.
Karin has been labeled by the tabloids as the Ice Queen who jets around the world doing nothing but living the high life and they couldn t be wrong She has been trying to keep her family together since the death of her beloved grandfather, a rugby legend and it seems that things are not really going well Her drug addicted parents had been killed after blowing most of the family s fortune and now her horrible brother is continuing the saga which has her having to sell off the last of the family s heirlooms to pay for her younger sister s education.
Xanthe has clawed his way out of the Athens alleys to become a very rich man, who can have anything or anyone he wants From the first moment he lays eyes on Karin, in one of his hotel s foyer, he is totally smitten But before he can make his move, she has flown away with one of his prized rugby mementos.
the rugby rose which had belonged to her grandfather before her snarky brother had sold it without her knowledge She needs it badly.
I just loved these two Xanthe is really an amazing hero yes alpha male all the way but with such HEART I couldn t believe how beneath this hard exterior, was a gentle, caring person who goes out of his way to help Karin on the way falling totally in love with her.
Karin seemed so bowed down by the things that had happened in her life, the terrible things she experienced with her parents before their death, the responsibility she feels for her sister, the result of her scars from an accident I just wanted to cry for her The feeling that you can t trust or believe in anyone But wow.
does that mean she just gives in Absolutely not She shows such courage and determination She fights all the way including the chemistry that is so sizzling between her and Xanthe She can bite.
some of the things she says to Xanthe hurtful and spiteful so cold at times but I felt this was the way she believed she could remain strong and not be hurt again Afraid to trust, to love The patience Xanthe showed really did me I mean, here is this guy being snubbed, disrespected, bluntly told to go somewhere else and what does he do He does everything possible to help her, to care for her, to love her This is one of my most amazing heroes.
he has heart and soul One of the things I think he learnt was that you cannot force anyone to love you.
you have to believe and trust in them.
something he also had an issue about And that letter he sent Karin.
if that s not poignant, romantic then nothing else is There were so many surprises in this book.
even in the last few pages you learnt something new in their lives You just had to keep reading page after page because you needed, wanted to know.
This is just a wonderful love story, filled with hope, forgiveness, learning to trust and to love It just made me feel so good after I finished reading and I could have quite happily continued reading about their life together.
Innocent English Rose Bookish, Mousy Heiress Karin Has Failed In Her First Act Of Defiance She S Tried To Take Back The Symbol Of Everything She Holds Dear In Her Life, But Ruthless Billionaire Xante Rossi Has Caught Her Red Handed Bedded By A Greek TycoonWhy Is This Shy Beauty Stealing From Him Xante Is Intrigued Her Innocence Belies The Corruption Her Family Name Represents To Save Her From Scandal And Get To The Truth He Ll Offer His Terms If Karin Wants Her Precious Heirloom, She Ll Have To Earn It Back In His Bedroom At first I wasn t feeling this book in the beginning, I really had to dig in until I really got into it and enjoyed it It just didn t grab me right away not until I got into the part where they were visiting his family in Greece then got really romantic and really deep with the revelation of what happened in Karin s past It got really heart wrenching and angst after that then I was into Xante and Karin as a couple Just the beginning felt like the same old trope that I have read time and time again It was a little predictable and not exciting I didn t feel like they had a lot of chemistry or heat between them I wasn t exactly rooting for them as a couple I just wanted to get to the good stuff Once the good stuff came then the story really took off, and I really got them as a couple after that I loved their time in Greece It was sweet and romantic and just lovely as they were starting to fall in love It had some of the most sensual love scenes that I have read in quite awhile, and they were full meaning in those moments It revealed so much to what they had together Plus there was just much behind those scenes and added depth and dimension to their relationship because though the were intimate, she was still hiding from him She was hiding a part of herself from him both her physical and emotional scars And she had lot going on emotionally Her past really gutted me I understand why she acted like an ice queen like her reputation suggested She suffered a lot and the only way that she could make it through was to hide and keep everyone at arms length because she didn t have a lot of trust in people And who could blame her really It was rough past, but she was willing to let Xanthe in and trust him with her And it was really beautiful I loved the moment that she finally revealed her physical scars to him because that was the last barrier between them Again it was just a sensual and sweet moment between them I loved that Once it got good, it got really good I just needed to dig deeper between surface just like they had to do in the book When the emotions came into play and they really got to know each other then it was really good I wish that the story was like that all the way through and flowed a little easier I enjoyed seeing them fall in love and get closer and closer That was worth it in the end I was so happy with the Greece part and onwards then it took off for me So good.
deduct one star the heroine is not a virgin Olihan se hyv I was a little disappointed in this book, only because of in parts of the book, only half the page would load on my kindle The book that I was able to read was good The world saw Karin as someone who had it all She had a good background, and wealth, was sent to the best school Karin was carrying around a lot of emotional baggage that she never shared with anyone When she was finally able to talk about it, and start dealing with it, she was able to let her heart love This was a romance, that tugged on my heartstrings.

Pertama kali lihat sampul edisi terjemahan di rak Gramedia, langsung samber aja Judulnya menarik perhatian walaupun belum punya feeling cerita ini bakalan bagus Build characters dalam cerita sangat bagus, slow dan enggak terburu buru Amanlah dari indikasi DNF di pertengahan meskipun di awal awal Xante Rossi cukup nyebelin Seandainya karakter dia enggak ada perkembangan, udah kulempar novelnya ke gudang belakang rumah This book gave the viewpoints of both hero and heroine Karin nyimpen banyak beban emosi tapi enggak bisa dibagiin ke orang lain Xante pun enggak jauh beda Tapi akhirnya bisa bernapas lega waktu mereka saling terbuka.
Twist yang enggak pernah kupikirkan sama sekali, bikin cerita ini tambah menarik Niat DNF bener bener padam walaupun di pertengahan, gejala bosen mulai timbul This story is quite good if you love happy ending and struggling.
4 Stars In English rugby circles Karin s grandfather was a legend, as he lead the English team to a season undefeated The ruby encrusted rose was awarded to each member of the team, and was her grandfather s most prized possession Now her grandfather long gone, and Karin s parents as well, the Wallis family money was quickly dwindling, especially as her brother, Mathew carried on the party hearty tradition set by her parents Karin struggles to keep up the family name until her younger sister is finally in university, all she needs from the estate is enough to pay for her education But when she learns that Mathew had sold the ruby rose and had since spent the money, Karin is desperate to get it back It s the only treasure of her grandfather s that has meaning Tracking down the purchaser is a difficult task, but finally her hunt brings her to Xante Rossi s Twinkenham hotel Xanti has a penchant for sports memorabilia and as his hotel is hosting the English rugby team during their training, he has graced the hotel foyer with various treasures to commemorate the sport Xanti s appreciative eyes immediately hone in on the gorgeous blond who has entered his hotel She has grace and an air about her that says she belongs amoung the elite of the sports world who are gathered there He spies her admiring the ruby rose that is locked behind glass, and he uses this as his approach Opening the case, he hands her the rose to admire, and then is called away Karin can t believe her luck to just be handed the rose, and she hesitates on what to do Spying the emergency exit she makes her break, only to be tackled just outside the door by the captain of the rugby team Karin now finds herself totally in Xante s hands, and to protect her family name she agrees to his terms At first it was only to attend a charity gala with him, but Xante is quite intrigued by Karin and intends to seduce her He makes her a deal, she ll accompany him to Greece to attend a family christening, pretend to be his current love interest and she ll spend her nights in his bed, in exchange she ll receive the rose Karin surprises him by agreeing She s actually relieved to leave England and hellish life her brother has inflicted on her, though intimacy with Xante does trouble her She can t deny her attraction to him but fears that he too will be repulsed by the horrendous scars she bears This is one of those stories that once you read the first pages you re completed compelled to read on to know what will happen next Karin is a heroine with a tortured past that she can t shake Xante is a man used to getting what he wants, and is amazed when Karin doesn t seem to want him in return At first she s a challenge, and then he finds himself wanting to protect her and it s obvious in the little things he does to make her life easier that he s coming to care for her While he s anxious to know the past that seems to haunt Karin, he doesn t pursue it until his ex fiancee makes a point of hinting that the past involves criminal charges Confronting Karin, she ends their affair but not before she sets Xante straight on all those tidbits he s unearthed Very angsty moments I loved the HEA that Ms Marinelli writes for these two.
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