[Tom Sharpe] ✓ The Throwback [young-adult-science-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download ï When Lockhart Flawse Is Catapulted Out Of His Upper Class And Rapunzel Esque Life With The Curmudgeonly Flawse Senior, He Must Enter The World Of Suburbia, And Marriage Rendered An Absolute Twit In Modern Society By His Medieval Upbringing, Lockhart Must Resort To Drastic Tactics In His Attempt To Return To Flawse House Faced With The Horrors Of Suburbia, He Must Either Terrorise, Blackmail And Potentially Kill An Entire Street Of His Tenants, Or Attempt To Find His Unknown And Elusive Father In Order To Inherit The EstateHowever, With The Belief That He Was Dropped Into His Mother S Arms By A Stork, Killing A Street Of People May Be The Wiser Option For The Socially Inept Young Man He Is Also Under Mounting Pressure, As It May All Be In Vain If His Gold Digging Mother In Law Has Her Way Now The Wife Of Flawse Senior, She Has Decided That If Lockhart S Wealthy Grandfather Can T Have The Decency To Die On His Own, She Will Take Matters Into Her Own Hands I ve always loved Tom Sharpe s books and The Throwback is one of the best examples of his work.
Lockhart Flawse aka The Bastard left orphaned at birth and illegitimate is raised by his grandfather and taught by private tutors who were specifically informed to avoid sex education Both grandfather and grandson marry on a cruise ship to a mother and daughter The mother, a scheming gold digger and the daughter who has been raised on romantic novels and for whom the term chaste is an understatement.
As a result, the stage is set for a rippingly funny novel of sexual misunderstandings, skullduggery, low cunning and surreal violence as Lockhart sets off to claim his inheritance.
Possibly the most cheerfully cruel thing I ve encountered since the live organ donor sketch in Monty Python s Meaning of Life The body count is immense, the characters vacillate between vile and moronic, and I cannot see much by way of redeeming social qualities in the work It is also the funniest book I have ever read and, beneath the humor and bloodshed, it is incredibly well written Sharpe has a recognizable and finely honed style, and he is every bit as capable of turning out a beautiful sentence or phrase as recognized literary craftsman.
Not really for everyone, as the wanton abuse of the characters can be a bit much But once past that, a wonderful book.
I ve enjoyed several of Tom Sharpe s novels and will happily read the next one I come across, but for some reason this one struck me as crueler and less funny than the others The attraction of his books is their black humor and outlandish comic situations this one fell short of the standard in my estimation It is the tale of an illegitimate son raised in isolation by a wealthy and eccentric grandfather in a castle on a Yorkshire moor When the pair go on a doctor ordered cruise they meet a fortune seeking widow and her comely daughter, and a double wedding ensues The contrived plot involves scheming on the part of the widow and the bastard to get their hands on the wealth they feel is their due these machinations I found less engaging than other of Sharpe s tales Maybe it s just me, but it left me cold.
by far the funniest book i have ever read and can read again and again and still find it hilarious, particularly the main main character s antics to get rid of his tenants Very few books make me laugh out loud but this one did and it brought tears to my eyes.
The best Tom Sharpe novel I have read.
A m es que me encanta el humor de Sharpe, tan subido de tono, tan sard nico y pasado de rosca De no ser por la presencia de ese elemento este libro tendr a mucho menos inter s y quiz s lo limite precisamente por eso, porque te debe gustar esa forma de hacer re r para que pases por alto los numerosos trucos de chistera se saca el autor demasiados deus ex machina de la nada y esa man a acaba irritando para resolver unas tramas tan enloquecidas que, por momentos, parecen escapar de las manos del narrador que en otras obras, todas con esta caracter stica com n de contener gags estratosf ricos y surrealistas, controla mejor y no se pasa de frenada.
A n as para los amantes de este humor tan irreverente hay momentos magn ficos en esta obra Yo la he disfrutado y la recomiendo, pero entiendo que no sea digerible por todos Una cosa que s me gust es que el protagonista del libro, el bastardo Lockhart, sea una especie de azote de los avariciosos, una reaccionaria fuerza de la naturaleza que solo quiere que lo dejen tranquilo las falsas creaciones mundanas, es f cil identificarse en sus cruzadas personales.
After a somewhat muted start, this book did not disappoint If you want work stopping, chest hurting, tear inducing laughter then this book delivers Clever use of zeugma adds to the humour Dodd gave the window a wide berth and Mrs Flawse no dinner It s one of the funniest books I ve read Northumbrian Humour The Throwback by Tom Sharpe Far, far away, in a distant magical land where only Sharpe s books existed Manuel and Ana were entering the room Hay Ana said ManuelAna was looking unhappy though Bad news Manuel We are broke Hu But after our last adventure we were rich Yes, but after paying the taxes we are broke In fact, we owe money now because taxes are high for rich people Ow Darn it What will we do said Manuel to Ana We need to make a lot of money to pay off the taxes if we don t, our palace in which we live will be repossessed Just then, the TV which was on all this time changed to a news announcement And the world Killing People championship final starts tomorrow Aside from the coveted trophy, the prize this year will include 2 million eurosIn other news, a war is on Ana shut the TV off If you re into reviews written as fiction, read on.
While not as widely known as the Wilt books, the Porterhouse novels or his blistering South African satires, this pitch black comedy has a twisted appeal all of its own.
Perhaps best described as Kind Hearts and Coronets turned up to eleven , The Throwback is the story of Lockhart Flawse, the illegitimate scion of an old Northumbrian family who seizes his birthright with both hands and disposes of anyone in his path in a number of wickedly funny ways.
It s a very typical Tom Sharpe novel, full of culture clashes, grotesque characters and elderly Englishmen who consider eccentricity to be for amateurs and have merrily plunged into outright lunacy The main character himself is a force of nature and many of the laughs derive from the horrified reactions of doctors, VAT inspectors, accountants and other denizens of the late 20th Century when they encounter a man who neither understands their world or wants to He s like something off the fucking Ark, remarks one waiter on a cruise liner And I don t mean something cuddly Tom Sharpe has, of course, been gathered up by what old Mr Flawse would refer to as The Great Certainty, but it was with a certain fond regret that I noticed many of his fans pointed to this book as their favourite I d have to say it s also one of mine.