Æ The Midnight Twins à Download by  Jacquelyn Mitchard Meredith and Mallory Brynn, are mirror twins born on either side of midnight one New Year s Eve After a mysterious fire on their 13th birthday they both start seeing images one from the past and one from the future This causes great strife between the girls who are quite different from one another As they unravel these images and learn to believe in them and in each other, a boy they ve known their entire lives will threaten it once and for allI started out quite liking the girls even though there is this odd narrator type telling, a quasi third person sort of POV that was hard to get used to The girls abilities are quite fascinating in a very extreme version of what most identical twins experience The telepathy was particularly cool I liked how events opened up the fire was sudden and abrupt and both girls were so in the moment The odd narrative style worked quite well through here as a way to continue to setup and reveal even as events were getting under way quickly.
I could tell that the author was a good writer who understands words and storytelling I appreciated how she used dialogue, like between Eden and Mallory, to reveal Mallory s future ability The conversation read very natural and we gained insight into Mallory s POV Many other situations flowed like this I particularly loved Mallory out of the two twins I liked her relationship with their childhood friend too and how she hasn t realized that it could be quite yet which is good since she is only 13 years old To be frank, Merry felt the contrived of the two sisters She seemed to deliberately choose to misunderstand and to put herself in danger when it wasn t necessary She fought the realization of what they could do it just felt like deliberately oppositeness with no context I quite got sick of her whining and teenageness I don t know though that Merry was a bad character, maybe she was just too teenage to me whereas Mallory was the mature sister.
The adults particularly the grandmother really pissed me off Her granddaughters could have died and not due to anything except neglect by an adult in the know Especially knowing her son would not believe the girls to help them if they got in a pinch Things just niggled at me about the book keeping it from a 5 star The end was a cop out to me I didn t hate it but I d have rathered the scum go to jail parents who raise serial killers with no self awareness of their own part shouldn t be kept from the truth BOTTOM LINE Real teenage twins and just as confusing but a compelling mystery.
I know identical twins often have a connection, but this book took things a little into the supernatural world The twin girls can see each other s dreams and communicate very strongly with each other They not only feel each other s pain, but can predict the future, so their lives get complicated when they start seeing death Someone is going to get raped or killed and the girls have to try to stop him.
I liked The Deep End of the Ocean, but I struggled with this book Not only were Mallory and Meredith interchangeable, but the other characters didn t have much personality either I felt like I needed a character list because the author didn t do a very good job distinguishing between them And the writing was choppy For example, when the book is almost over, p 214 , the following paragraph occurs That was true enough Despite everything, Kim had lost the only brother she would ever have, unless Bonnie and David adopted a Chinese baby or something And they were old, at least probably forty, like her parents The twins are supposedly smart and almost 14 I really don t think they would throw the Chinese baby comment out there There were lots of moments like these during the book that I just thought, Really A Beautiful And Suspenseful Tale By A Master American Novelist, The Midnight Twins Tells The Story Of Mirror Twins Born On Either Side Of Midnight After A Mysterious And Nearly Fatal Fi Re On Their Thirteenth Birthday, Meredith And Mallory Brynn Begin Having Visions Mallory Can See Into The Past, Meredith Can See Into The Future But It Will Take Both Of Them To Save Their Town From A Great Evil That Is, If Their Unique Powers Don T Destroy Them Fi Rst I have a hunch that this will be one of those series that people pick up because the cover looks pretty and there s a pretty famous author s name on it Otherwise, The Midnight Twins is a jumbled, jumpy, and gnarled mess of characters, ooooo spooky events, and rushed conclusions.
I understand that the twins at 13 years old, and that tweens on the brink of puberty make for melodramatic and often confusing times, but really, now The mindset of an eighth grade girl does not have to manifest itself in the poor, choppy writing Mitchard frequently jumps from one moment to another half an hour later, leaving us bewildered readers to fill in the gap and try to keep up at the same time.
Most of the time, the book dragged so much and included a bunch of pointless information that didn t help me understand the twins or their situation any better The ending is appropriate for a novel written by you guessed it an eighth grade girl chock full of moments where you re pretty sure you re supposed to gasp in shock and moan in despair When the climactic moment occurred, I didn t feel anything, possibly because by that point I was so sick of the characters and the book s nonsense writing.
I m sorely disappointed that poor writing killed what could have been interesting characters with interesting abilities Still, I ve heard that the second book, LOOK BOTH WAYS, is better, and I must say that I sincerely hope so, for Jacquelyn Mitchard has made me disheartened with this failure of a series starter.
actual rating 2.
5 starsI really wanted to read this book being a twin and all but I was not pleased at all This book somewhat offended me, to say the least This book mentions twin telepathy and other unbelievable things that are suited for things such as children s books Although the author did express that the twin telepathy in this book was exaggerated, it was still to biased The book mentions how twins often think of themselves as being one person I know plenty of twins myself included who would shudder at the thought of being one and the same as their twin Excuse the rant for a moment there, I shall discuss some of the actual book First, the characters Set in the point of view of 13 year old twins, I was expecting some annoying little tweens and that is exactly what happened One twin Meredith only cared about looking nice and attracting boys while her sister Mallory cared about soccer and watching soap operas I considered it very strange how girls who consider themselves to be one person, can be complete opposites The main characters were average and frankly, annoying The plot of this book was uneventful I had to force myself to finish this book The only redeeming thing about this book is the point of view I love 3rd person point of view The only reason I gave this book 2.
5 stars is because the writing was well done but the story itself was not interesting Overall, this book was boring and uneventful I had to force myself to read this book but the writing was not terrible.
I like this book because it reminds me of my sisters that are twins And I love to read books that are about sisters This book is about two girls that are twins and they are born in different years Meredith is the one who likes pretty things And Mallory is the one that is always worried even when she didn t have to They both had same dreams And on their 13th birthday, there was a fire and things start to change.
Mitchard, Jacquelyn The Midnight Twins, 235 p Razorbill Penguin , 2008 Violence PG animal abuse Language PG about 35 Merry and Mally are identical twins with an extremely strong dose of twin telepathy Twins run in their family, but they don t really think much of it Born on either side of the New Year, they are not only separated by different birthdays in different years, but their personalities seem to keep them separate at school and at home But the twin telepathy actually keeps them intertwined and united As teens, 13, the pair s closeness and ability take a sharp turn on the night of their birthdays, as the home they are babysitting in catches on fire and they barely escape with their charges and their lives intact Since the fire, however, communication between the two siblings has become fouled up and the dire portents that Mally is receiving are passing Merry by The twins don t seem to trust each other any , which is tearing them up inside, but may also put both of their lives and other girls lives in danger At first I thought this was just going to be a girly kind of book and I was pleasantly surprised when it turned into a being chased by a psycho book instead Then I read the acknowledgements and saw that the author is planning at least two books with the twins which is not a bad thing SPOILER ALERT The only thing I don t get is that the girls grandmother knew all along that the girls had actual powers, so why didn t she ever sit them down and talk to them about it for real and give them an even better chance There was still plenty of room for danger I don t know that just bugged me Anyway, this should be an interesting addition for girls who like Cabot s Mediator books or Alane Ferguson s forensics series MS ADVISABLE Cindy, Library Teacher.
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Great memories of this book from when I was younger, but rereading it now it seems like there was no copy editing at all on this.
Meredith and Mallory Brynn are identical twins born on different days Meredith was born at 11 59 P.
M on December 31st and Mallory was born at 12 01 A.
M on January 1st of the next year Merry and Mally share many of the things that other twins do like a special language, sympathy pains, and telepathy No matter how much they share with each other and how identical they look, they do have differences Merry is the head cheerleader and Miss Popularity whereas Mally is all business She is a jock and prefers to spend time alone.
The Brynn twins are known and loved all throughout town but even so after a New Year s Eve disaster While babysitting their little brother and cousins, a mysterious fire breaks out that nearly takes the twins lives The physical devastation is nothing compared to the emotional damage they endure Merry and Mally notice they don t dream the same dreams after the fire and begin seeing visions Mally sees things that are going to happen and Merry sees what has already happened The girls begin to get disturbing visions of a long time family friend which end up putting them in an extremely dangerous situation They must rely on their special gifts to survive.
The Midnight Twins is a fascinating novel The first two chapters were hard to get into because of the detailed explanation of the twins and their gifts but once you get to the night of the fire, the story really takes the reader on an emotional ride.
on sale 7 3 08 young adult fictionMitchard is a rare breed of writer who can capture the emotions and hearts of both the adult fiction and the teen fiction world She s the author of the tearjerking Deep End of the Ocean, among many other books I agree with the publisher that this book is a 12 and up it deals with some fairly violent themes as the book goes on but the story is gripping and suspenseful and easily kept THIS adult s attention in fact there were points where I couldn t turn the pages fast enough.
This is the story of Mally and Merry, identical twins who, on the eve of their 13th birthday, discover there is to their minds and talents than just being able to communicate with each other telepathically not unheard of in twins, especially identicals These new talents begin to tear their lives apart as they pull away from each other trying to deal with and or deny them But they are a part of a generations old tradition of powerful women and what is required of them cannot be avoided or denied and it s very nearly the death of them.
The story is tight for the vast majority of the book my only gripe is with the last chapter Mitchard becomes a bit ham handed trying to tie up too many loose ends and give the reader the back stories of too much My best guess is she s trying to lay the groundwork for a follow up novel with these characters, but it was done in such a below par way I was severely disappointed it was tedious and anticlimatic For that reason alone I give it 4 out of 5 stars.