[ Pdf The Wild's Call Õ chad PDF ] by Jeri Smith-Ready ↠´ Review haikuChaos becomes lawSome get animal powersLacks depth and insight This was a great set up for a series I skimmed some reviews, and I think that the lower scores are missing that this was written as a prequel for an established story Yes, it is short, and yes, it ends just when the reader is becoming vested in the spirit animals, but that s the point of a prequel Society has collapsed and two friends flee town with an empty rifle, a small supply of food, and a knapsack of secrets, all to escape the pain of a city running out of food, but really because animals have been calling to them both.
This was an enjoyable introduction that has me curious about the rest of the series.

This was just okay for me I ve had this on my Kindle forever, not even sure why I downloaded this freebie.
maybe because it was free I m not interested in continuing with the series Just not my cup of tea.
Fast readA fun fast read I was looking for to find out what happens to this new community Seemed almost too short.
A fair prequel novella to a series of books about an emerging magical society where survivors of the Collapse each have some kind of spirit animal super power We don t know any details, the story begins in medias res, and the author does a pretty good job hinting at the post apocalyptic context rather than explaining the details The emphasis is on the two main characters as they escape a volatile Balti and head for the woods where they meet up with others like them It s a mildly interesting premise, but I was put off by all the sexual innuendo, sex talk, and actual sex that occurs between the two main characters The story could have done without it After I finished I saw that it was published by e Harlequin Romance and thought maybe that s what they expect of their authors I won t be reading the actual trilogy that follows since I m not into erotica If this is your thing, you ll probably want to read the whole series as this prequel affords just a taste and not the satisfaction of a complete story I think I got it free on a few years ago.
This was an enjoyable read overall It s a fast paced short story, but it s not lacking in detail Elysie and Darien have great chemistry and their discussions are fun particularly when they are talking about old songs and books I know a lot of the reviewers here felt they wanted , but hey it s a short story and a prequel, so enjoy it for what it is.
A quick free STAND ALONE read introducing the Aspect of the Crow series, a prequel I picked it up because I had heard good things about Jeri Smith Ready and wanted to see her work in action.
Standard YA ish sex happens and the people are 8 years out of college, so it isn t true YA, but it does feel like it during the read post apocalyptic urban fantasy romance adventure Pleasant read, but not memorable.
A good beach read.
Good read The only thing I would have to say is I wish there was , it definitely will lead you to your own imagination It Is Seven Years After The Collapse Of Modern Civilization, And The World Is Entering A New Dark Age Can Best Friends Elysia And Darien Trust The Animal Spirits That Are Beckoning Them To Escape Into The Wilderness And Create A New Way Of Life And Will They Give In To The Mutual Passion They Ve Always Denied Don T Miss This Thrilling Prequel Story Set In The Same World As Jeri Smith Ready S Aspect Of Crow Trilogy Eyes Of Crow, Voice Of Crow And The Reawakened GoodIt s a warm book dat keeps you interested throughout.
Not funny or intenseBut nice to read and enjoy while reading