[Stacey Kayne] ç Mountain Wild [economic-development PDF] Read Online Ç Maggie known by the locals as Mad Mag the recluse trapper has been running all her life from a past that almost had her killed When that past comes up against her, she finds herself helped by a local rancher Never did she think she be helping that rancher again by saving his life after he s attacked and left for dead in the snow Garret Daines life hasn t been a bed of roses, but he s worked his way up building his ranch and cattle herd, but on a dark winter night, he s attack suddenly and when he wakes, finds himself snowbound inside the cabin of a beautiful woman he s never seen before As the snow covered days go by and the attraction builds between the couple, Garret and Maggie both feel a deeper feeling and draw between them grow even as Maggie s past finally catches up with her It s been a few years since I sat down to read a western, and really lost my taste for the genre awhile back Picking up Stacey Kayne s Mountain Wild, I was a little leery, but my doubts quickly vanished as I was pulled into the story I really enjoyed the book and it s characters with its remote setting in the beginning, snow bound, you could really feel the fire start to build between Maggie and Garret Both leads were easy to understand and you knew where they were coming from, both upfront with their feelings and emotions, never misleading each other to much in Maggie s case making the story run smoothly without the misunderstandings that sometimes seem to litter romance novels Maggie lived in the wilderness, taken in by an old trapper whom not only saved her life one cold night but also, taught her all he knew on how to survive Being anit social didn t mean Maggie was without feelings, far from it, she cared for Garret and falls in love with him after his many acts of kindness toward her and even his attempts of wooing her Garret was great he was kind and funny, and very brave got beat up a lot in this book He adored Maggie and never held it against her that she withheld her past, understanding about being hurt in the past after being hurt deeply him self Garret loved to have Maggie fuss over him and give him sass knowing it was just her way of caring for him They both really even each other out, with Garret coming off carefree most of the time and Maggie being the serious one While I sometimes seem to pity the villain in the story, I felt the villain kinda got off easy in the end, after everything he put Maggie and Garret trough I wanted him to get his just desserts Bloodthirsty, I know Even though this is part of a series, it can be a stand alone book all on it s own With it s only fault being for me IT WAS TO SHORT I wanted It was that good Overall a great western that will pull you in, with the action not letting up till the very last page as your drawn toward Maggie and Garret as they fight side by side and in the end find their happiness and love in each other.
As soon as I finised Maverick Wild, I jumped on Mountain Wild DI loved Jamie in the previous books and was anxious to read his story And I was very, very happy Jamie is awesome He s hot, gentle, tender Mmmmmm Wonderful Maggie was great too She was tough, capable I felt sorry for her too how awful to have a brother who hate her so much to want to kill her Poor girl I would have loved to know Ira s story Why did he helped Maggie Who was he I liked him and was sad that he was not developed in the story.
Anyhow, the love story is great There s no doubt that Maggie a Jamie are perfect for each other Magie doesn t fight her attraction and enjoys Jamies adavances fully, but she s rightly convinced that her awful brother will do everything to kill her, even if it means killing Jamie to get to her So she tries to protect him not very successfully Here s her TSTL moment view spoiler she goes to her brother s ranch alone Why did she thought she ll be able to kill him without anyone else being present Then she talks to him instead of shooting him Obviously she s caught And Jamie, coming in her rescue, is involved hide spoiler I really liked this series Nice characters.

If you are looking for a meticulous, painstakingly researched, dense historical fiction that is going to transplant you into the harsh world of 19th century Wyoming, then Mountain Wild, by Stacey Kayne, is not the book you should be picking up If, however, you are looking for a deeply romantic, old fashioned kind of cowboy romance with crisp writing, fast pace, excellent characterization including one of the most kick ass heroines I have had the pleasure to meet and hilarious dialogue that will remind you of the great comedic writing of those 1930s Hollywood screwball classics, then you won t be disappointedMountain Wild is the story of Mad Mag, a mysterious recluse who lives a hermit like life up in the freezing mountains of Wyoming and only comes down her fortress of ice to barter the furs she has trapped, scowling at any man, woman, or child who would dare accost her, and keeping one hand on her knife, the other on her ever ready to shoot rifle When she comes across a half frozen to death man in the middle of a blizzard miles away from civilization, deep into the Northern Country where she is the only human inhabitant, she reluctantly rescues him, bringing him with her back to her cave As the man, a local rancher named Garrett Daines, regains consciousness, the relationship between the two begins as an uneasy truce between rescuer and rescuee before evolving, slowly but surely, into something This situation offers a veritable treasure trove of funny, quick witted dialogue between the prickly Mag and the bemused Garrett, who, despite Mag s best efforts, is drawn rather than repelled by the fire in her.
At his wonder that a young woman can take care of herself all alone in the harshest settingYou were out hunting in that storm he asked That deer meat didn t jump into my stewpot on its own Trying to solve the puzzle of how and why she came to be in her hermit like existenceHow long have you lived up here, Grace Long enough to know you can t fight the weather I m not trying to pry, he hedged Uh huh, she countered, her disbelieving eyes briefly meeting his gaze Must be why you ask so many questions In the throes of cabin fever, she shows him, to his great amusement, how to sewDo you really think anyone will want to buy a dish towel with my brand on it Well, no But I m hoping it will keep you quiet for a while And later, after he kissed her while in the throes of a fever and tries to apologizeI must have shocked you, waking you up the way I did You did Her slow smile filled him with the urge to relearn the textures of her mouth But I ve had worse surprises Like coons in the pantry, a skunk in my cabin Garret couldn t fight his laughter She tensed and tried to push away from him not appreciating his humor He grabbed her hands Don t get mad, he said, brushing his lips over her fingertips She trembled against him I m just happy to hear kissing me ranked above skunks in your cabin And it goes on and on, quite wonderfully, throughout the rest of their story Now, Mountain Wild is not just a barrel of laughs There are several scenes of graphic violence and suspense, as well as passages of real poignancy as the reader discovers bit by bit a little about each protagonist s background story, inner insecurities, painful memories, and doubts and uncertainties about the future But it is not one of those epic historical novels that really flesh out these themes, which is too bad, because this author is extremely talented, with an expressive, visual style that stays away from the corniness or flowery language that many historical romances get bogged down with The whole conflict with the mustache twirling villains in particular is so ridiculous, in no small part due to the ease with which they fall like a stack of dominoes instead of offering any plausible resistance to the protags well being But overall, I found this book extremely charming and I would like to read the other volumes in this series as well.
I didn t dislike it and some parts were sweet, but for all of its dark tones and serious drama this book was pretty ridiculous The bad guys were cardboard cut outs and evil for no reason, the characters had very little depth and often made decisions for whatever reason, and each conflict was cleaned up nice and tidy, wrapped up like nothing ever happened.
So again, it s not that I disliked the book but I personally feel like it wasn t very well written The characters kept me reading but I definitely found myself skimming after a while.
Plut t bon pour un Harlequin collection historique, m me tr s bon L h ro ne est atypique puisqu elle vit seule et n appr cie pas le contact humain J ai appr ci qu elle garde cette caract ristique, c est sa personnalit apr s tout, tout au long du r cit c tait tr s r aliste Du coup, sa relation avec le h ros tait touchante puisqu il arrive peu peu l apprivoiser.
L intrigue n tait pas tr s originale mais elle a permis de montrer les volutions des h ros et de donner un peu de tension l histoire.
This is really 3 1 2 read for me, it s the first of this author that I ve read and I will look into of her books.
Maggie, aka Mad Meg h is on the run and in hiding ever since her brother tried to kill her at age 13, when he sold her to trapper who happened along rather than beating her to death Fast forward several years she s now 27, living on her own after the trapper had died and staying hidden in the mountains On the rare occasions that she does have to go into town she goes in disguise She makes sure she is dirty, smelly and looking old and the towns people call her Mad Meg They also leave her alone which is just the way she wants it.
One day while she s in town she has a chance encounter with her brother, he thought she was dead and when he cornered her in an alley a blond cowboy came to her rescue A few days later she runs across this same blond cowboy injured, freezing and a breath away from death She couldn t t just leave him there to die but bringing him back to her little hidden home would mean opening up a whole can of wormsshe would just have to move again once he was better and out of her hair.
last thing he remembers is looking for his friend when he never returned to the ranch, now he s waking up in a cave with a very skiddish young woman taking care of him He s as weak as a newborn but as soon as he s recovered he has to continue looking for his friend and check on his ranch Bad things have been happening to the ranchers in this area and he needs to keep a look out and try and figure out who s behind all of this so he doesn t t become the next victim.
I really did like the story of these two, but one thing really bothered me and kept me from grading this higher SMALL SPOILERS just before the H and Maggie have sex, she remembers back on her life with Ira the trapper who bought her She remembers asking him to give her a baby , after spending so much time with the Indians and seeing the Indian women with their babies she wanted one of her own to love, the author explains how Ira had gotten mad and left saying she didn t know what she was asking of him and later as he lay dying she apologises to her saying she would have made a great mother She had no other contact with any other people yet when she sleeps with for the first time there is no mention of her being a virgin , nothing In fact the love scenes read as though they are both very experienced in sex This made no sense to me at all Other than that though the story was pretty good.
Fourteen Years Ago A Terrified Young Maggie Grace Fled Into The Wilderness Of The Wyoming Mountains, Where She Has Lived Alone, Fighting For Survival, Ever Since Until She Finds Cowboy Garret Daines Lying Unconscious In A BlizzardSnowbound In Maggie S Cabin, Sharing The Only Bed With This Beautiful, Wild Woman, Brings Garret S Body And Guarded Heart Pulsing Back To LifeGarret Is The Only Man Ever To Show Maggie Any Kindness, And The Walls Around Her Heart Begin To Crumble But This Wildcat Won T Let Herself Be Easily Tamed Despite the cover, this was an amazing read The book had a couple of different parts, a bit of mistaken identity identity deception, and ornery woman down on her luck, a great guy who is slightly bitter about his life so far, and of course someone who is trying to murder people I especially loved Maggie s character She is full of cute contradictions, so strong but she is a little weak too we notice because she does hide out a lot , and she s so primative but when she first takes in Garrit she tries to spiff up it s so cute.
This is a great little story about a couple that fights against all odds I loved it.
I read this on recommendation of lists I liked it really well The story was very well told, with a clear and cohesive plot I liked the younger man I need to go back and read the rest of the series now Author did use the word okay a lot and that would throw me out of the story every time as I had to stop and wonder if the word was in common use then and what she could have used instead Still a pretty good western feel.