[Sarah Morgan] × Capelli's Captive Virgin [helicopters PDF] Read Online ✓ Lindsay Has Turned Down Ruthless Sicilian Alessio Capelli Once Before, But He S Determined She Won T Do It Again He Will Use Her And Discard Her Circumstance Has Provided Him With The Ideal Opportunity Lindsay Has Been Forced To Step Into Her Missing Sister S Shoes And Work For HimThis Time Alessio Will Be The One In Control He Relishes The Thought Of Having A Virgin In His Bed, And He Ll Do Everything To Keep Her Captive Until He S Ready To Dismiss Her Misleading title once again Heroine wasn t a virgin.
The title of this book is deceiving, as Lindsay isn t exactly a virgin That wasn t stated clearly, but the simple fact that Alessio didn t gasp and react like an idiot after he made love with her the 1st time was a strong clue to the state of her un virginity , LOL I wouldn t say she was Alessio Capelli s captive either, because she chose to go with him by her own choice Okay, he kind of blackmailed her into it, but she could have said no and the world wouldn t have come to an end.
Hmmm, I m afraid that s all I feel like saying which was pretty much nothing, LOL for now I might come back later to write a review, but I m not making any promises.
Really like 2.
5 stars Nothing too exciting The characters talk a lot, yes, but nothing too interesting The ending was quite abrupt and we never get to see when or why the hero comes to the conclusion that yes, after all he loves the heroine and that yes, after all he does believe in marriage when his whole life he believed differently I also never quite got when the heroine fell in love with the hero other than her sudden epiphany as I didn t feel the chemistry at all between the characters despite it being mentioned several times The heroine was a total basket case who desperately needed therapy herself instead of counseling other people Luckily she comes to the realization that she is a total basket case and shouldn t be counseling people in the end Given her looniness, the hero had the patience of a saint There was so much contradictory talk about the characters respective beliefs and values that left me confused so you don t believe in love and marriage but you do You don t believe in purely no strings attached sex but you do It was just too much for my powers of suspension of disbelief The whole time the heroine preaches that you shouldn t mistake sexual chemistry for love and that sexual chemistry alone should not be the basis for marriage In the end, it seems this is precisely the mistake that the hero and heroine make for I was never even remotely persuaded that they loved each other another inconsistency in this book And he s a divorce lawyer who represents clients from all over the world and has offices in Rome and NY How does that work Even if he were admitted to practice in both jurisdictions, I don t see how that could possibly work logistically Oh, and the synopsis is totally inaccurate and has nothing to do with the story at all All in all, this one felt contrived and there were too many inconsistencies for me to suspend my disbelief enough to really get into the story A disappointing read as I know Sarah Morgan can and has done so much better I guess we can t always nail them all.
This book is totally made of win, and while there are plenty of aspects for me to gush about like the excellent build up from the get go with their sizzling chemistry and undeniable sexual tension D , what I will take with me, in the end, are the conversations Genuine talk angry talk, sensual talk, happy talk, revealing talk, guilty talk, upset talk, and all kinds of talk I think it s so easy for characters to give in to lust and that s sort of their gateway to love Sometimes we aren t given much chance to get to know each person and the revelations about their character history motivation desires are exposed swiftly Readers aren t really shown how they fall in love That s why I love this book It s so refreshing to see these two characters, who, on the surface, are hopeless opposites of each other, but once stripped of their layers, are really just two individuals who make a perfect pair.
They battle and she fight the attraction his weapon his words her defense her actions existing between them, both having a hard time with emotional ties and the intimacies it necessitates It s lovely to see each of the characters develop discuss throughout the novel acknowledging their past, learning about themselves in the process accepting, trusting, and letting go, and finally making concessions that allowed them to submit to the Power of Love DI downloaded this book on my Nook after reading A Night of Scandal, which I looooved Needless to say, after recovering from the book bliss I am in right now you will find me reading of Ms Sarah Morgan s work.
What a fun, sexy book Sarah Morgan knows how to deliver the laughs, the emotion, and the drama in a fast, tight read that kept me turning the pages for Full disclosure I consider Sarah a friend, but this book was still right up my alley for what I enjoy.
I enjoyed and certainly liked it But I didn t love this book like some of Sarah Morgan s other books.
In the beginning I was interested in finding out if the sister got her share of comeuppance for her reckless behavior than how the MC s romance progressed.
No epilogue as it is a fairly common occurrence in this author s HP romance.
It was a very good read,Alessio Lindsay adored them both these two were the case of Opposites attract both had different set of ideologies values,enjoyed their banters and they had some quiet meaningful banters,i was irritated with Lindsay s over protectiveness but as we get to know the past it is clear that Lindsay brought Ruby up as a mother i came to understand her worries fears.
I really liked the fact that we got to know the past of Alessio Lindsay which shaped them as they are today,both realise they have trust issues,in a way both healed freed each other by the end their deal.
I was disappointed cause there was no epilogue otherwise i liked and enjoyed the book very muchRecommend it I could not put this book down It really drew me in and kept me on the hook watching the sizzling interactions between this couple Not only that I was drawn in by the well written dialogue between Lindsay and Alessio Lindsay and Alessio actually talked most of this book, having very meaningful discussions Although they were polar opposites when it came to their worldviews and outlooks on relationships, they came to realize that they had the same trust and relationship issues, deep down.
Alessio is one of those heroes that seem tailor made for the shovel to head treatment But, he wasn t His arrogance and hard hearted personality actually hid a man who had been hurt deeply through the actions of his mother against his father He is a rake, through and through, but he discovers that he has a heart In the process of trying to break down Lindsay s defenses and beliefs about true love and relationships, be comes to realize that he likes and appreciates who she is That she is a good woman who has her reasons for why she behaves the way she does I really appreciated how Miss Morgan presented this couple, and how we see them grow Lindsay learns to let go and to be less of a control freak To open her heart to experiences and to love Even though she does give in to Alessio s seduction, it s on her terms and with her eyes open She s not whiny or weak She s a strong woman who s rational and in control of her emotions She s not a soft touch But, she comes to realize that desire is something that she can feel, because that s part of who we are as humans, and because she s fallen in love with Alessio Even though Alessio is hard at first, I could see why Lindsay fell for him That he was a good guy deep down He learns that he can give his heart to a woman and feel intimacy with her that is not about sex, but about an emotional connection And I loved the end, how Alessio does make a gesture and show how he loved Lindsay.
I would recommend this book to the Harlequin Presents reader who wants a modern kind of story that shows a relationship developing between two people who probably shouldn t be attracted to each other and fall in love because they do have that connection that brings soulmates together In the end, I did believe that Lindsay and Alessio were two halves of the same heart, helping each other to realize that they don t have to be slaves to their pasts, but that their past shapes them to be people who can love and find freedom to love in their lives.
Once again, I ve loved and enjoyed one of Sarah Morgan s books Overall rating 4.
5 5.
0 stars.
Just could not stop reading the book,The sudden swerve of emotions are unremarkably related to each other, forming an intricacy that establishes an intimacy, wherein the couple finally realise that a relationship must consist of love and sex.
But it was the conversations that left their markThere were all kinds of talk, and personally, there was not a single moment I felt like Oh, here they go again.
because, all the talks were essential in building the relationship.
While Lindsay showed unlenting love towards her little sister, which somehow led her into making some hurtful decisions, naturally because of her worry and fear these decisions made Ruby pull back from her Alessio appears to be very understanding, and comforts Lindsay, in every possible way.