[Alex Archer] ã The Spirit Banner [movies PDF] Read Online ó This is one of the best Rogue Angel books in my opinion, possibly the best one But, then, it intriuged me because of Genghis Kahn.
The writing was very entertaining, and it was certainly a fun read I went into it not knowing what the series was about It was a bit too constant fight scenes and improbable situations for my taste, but then that s probably what Archer was going for.
I haven t read this series in years but it is still good Each book is stand alone so it is easy to pick back up The Spirit Banner is a good story I enjoyed the action and adventure The journey was interesting and I loved the ending I got the audio book because I was curious and I have an hour long commute now The audio book is amazing It is like an audio play There were voice acting, music, and sound effects I loved it Now I gotta read the next book.
I really enjoyed the lesson on Ghenkis Khan sp I love these books When the action gets going you can t put it down Still could use a little less of the background on the characters but the action is AWESOME The main character is a person I d love to be Self confident, strong, a survivor in the true sense of the word I miss Roux and Garin tho Hope they are prevalent in the next book.
i enjoy this series its so much fun, and has lots of action learned se things about khan in this one.

While I liked the whole bit about Ghengis Khan, the story was shorter than most of the other books and it s really getting formulaic Annja looks for insert artifact here as she is being chased by insert bad guy here and she kicks their ass Bring on Garin while you re at it This one was my favorite of the series so far Better than most Annja is romping through Mongolia with a psychopathic millionaire, Ransom, on her ass while she deciphers the clues to Genghis Khan s grave The bodyguard for an American billionaire has found an old journal pointing to Genghis grave with supposedly mountains of treasure he looted as he ransacked Asia and Europe back in the 1300s And Ransom is ruthlessly hunting them down with help from a traitor I m starting to wonder about this whole longevity curse just how many are there Genghis Khan Carved Out A Legacy Of Bloodshed And Conquered Kingdoms That Has Lasted Almost Eight Hundred Years But While His Name And Deeds Live On In The Annals Of History, His Tomb Has Never Been Located Until NowNot Everyone Is Convinced That The Diary And The Map, Said To Lead To The Great Warrior S Final Resting Place, Are Authentic Archaeologist Annja Creed Is Among These Doubters The Reality Is That The Body Was Lost To History But Despite Her Skepticism, Annja Suddenly Finds Herself Pulled Along An Increasingly Complex Trail Of Clues, Each Remote Than The Last And As She And Her Companions Race To Their Final Destination, One Thing Is Clear The Only Tomb She May Find Is Her Own