[ Pdf Counseling Addicted Families: An Integrated Assessment and Treatment Model Ü multicultural-literature PDF ] by Gerald A. Juhnke ↠´ In Counseling Addicted Families, Gerald A Juhnke And William Bryce Hagedorn Recognize That Even Those Treatment Providers Who Understand The Importance Of The Familial Context Of Addiction Are Often Stymied By The Variety Of Family Treatment Theories And Their Often Imperfect Fit For Cases Of Addiction In This Book, Juhnke And Hagedorn Provide A Truly Integrated Model For Assessment And Treatment Based Upon The Authors Combined Twenty Three Years Of Experience In Clinical And Treatment Supervision, The Integrated Family Addictions Model Consists Of Six Progressive Treatment Tiers Which Organize The Relevant Family Treatment Theories Into A Graduated And Coherent Sequence, Beginning With The Briefest And Least Costly Forms Of Therapy I was hoping the material would be in depth The suggestions for structuring a family session were helpful start with the family s assessment of the client s severity of use using scaling questions, motivational interviewing to identify goals and then solution focused approaches I was disappointed that the text doesn t address managing the grief and trauma that comes up in family sessions.