¶ Fearscape ä Download by Ó Simon Holt Reggie goes intoFearscapes Ooga Booga Booga Eh You ve seen one, you ve seen em all, in my opinion They stopped being creepy after the 1st book, and yet, we are subjected to reading about them over and over and over again After reading the second book, I was bored with it By this book it was full on annoying Yeah, yeah, maggots and ooze Grotesque creatures, squishy walls, and puppies with no eyes Boooooring Move on.
I liked the 1st book, and I honestly wish I d left it at that.
I hate it when nothing really gets resolved at the end of a trilogy, and Fearscape is a perfect example of what I mean.
None of my questions were answered to any satisfaction It felt like the author was trying to leave themselves open in case they wanted to continue and turn this into a series view spoiler The Vours were confusing, and at the end not only are they not destroyed, the idea that they might be from another dimension is stupid Are they demons or evil aliens If the Vours have scientists, that doesn t seem very demon y sigh In most of the scenes with the Vours, they seem like smokey spirits that screech a lot and delight in terrifying everyone around them Then in other scenes, they have labs set up to figure out to make hybrids Their two sides didn t gel At least, not to me.
As far as the romance went, I still don t understand how she ended up with Quinn What was the attraction For either of them And poor Aaron Was he supposed to turn into some kind of a bad ass He still seemed like a wiener to me I just didn t understand the dynamic between those three Reggie seemed to care about Aaron , but she goes with Quinn, because he s got good abs It was weird And was it just me, or did Quinn s fingers seem to bleed a lot Sorry His finger stumps Guuuuuuuh hide spoiler I have been a fan of this series from the very beginning The Vours are the ultimate villain unattainable, relentless, neverending and innumerable Reggie seems at first to be quite the unlikely hero against such horrid villains but as you get to know her , you begin to comprehend how incredibly strong she is She has spirit and hope inside her that can really and truly stand the test of anything The beautiful thing about this spirit of hers is that it doesn t come from herself so much as her love for everyone in her life Fearscape is by far the best book in the series The horrible Fearscapes brought to life time and again for Reggie are fantastic and amazing Simon Holt has an incredible knack for bringing a nightmare to reality without making you want to throw the book across the room and stop reading it for fear of having your own nightmares if you continue Spoiler And let me just say, Simon, you made my day by finally letting Reggie and Quinn be together

Wow, I mean, wow This book was a major letdown I can t believe Holt thought this was a good idea Forget everything I said about Reggie, this book showed the person she really is, and I didn t like it What happened to the Reggie from the other two stories This one was an irritating, egotistical mess Her attitude did a 180, and she became the female protagonist I hate Not only did she act like a total smart ass but she never listened to what Aaron or Machen had to say She was so impatient and wanted to jump into things without thinking it through The only person worst than her was her mother I did feel sorry for her when she finally met Sheila Damn, the excuse she gave to Reggie for leaving was completely stupid and selfish For a year Reggie was heartbroken and confused as to why her mother would just pack up and leave When she finds her she s changed her name and living a lovely life Reggie asks Hey Mom Why d you leave and her mother says, Oh you know, I wasn t happy W what That s it If you weren t happy why didn t you get a divorce, why not sit your husband down and say, look, I don t want to be in this relationship any And just like any selfish person she thinks that running away was best for her children NO Stop it, why does every failing parent say that Wait, there s about this gem of a mother When Reggie explains about the Vours and whatnot, what does she do You guessed it, she leaves again Just writes a letter to her daughter saying she can t deal with it and needs time to think Well there was one thing Reggie was right about, her mother is a coward One of the worst persons to ever become a parent The last thing in my rant is about the so called romance If you read the first two books you noticed that there isn t any In this one it came out of the blue Yes Reggie had a crush on Quinn, but that changed when she found out he was a Vour There is nothing that even considers that there is a connection between them, but as soon as he kisses her she s all swoony and Omg, I ve been kissed lol You have your best friend who you trust with your heart, who will do ANYTHING for you, and you choose the one dimensional guy Well because, you know, he s SO dreamy Barf So Reggie really is one of those idiotic girls who chooses the guy for his looks Oh, and not only that but she might actually like Aaron after all In the ending they have a nice little chat while Aaron is off doing Tracer stuff and they mention that when he comes back There would be plenty of time for them WHAAAAAAAT So she s using Quinn only until Aaron comes back Reggie you Ugh, in the end nothing is answered, there s no closure I think Holt left it open in case he wanted to do another book, but it s too late This series is butchered The characters were awful, the story had no real end, and Henry was absent yet again Poor kid Oh, and someone give Mrs Halloway a mother of the year award.
This review can also be found on my blog I wish I could say that I loved this book, but I didn t I heavily hinted at my disappointment in my review of the second book, Soulstice, but it really comes to light here in this book.
The odd plot that happened in the second book of this trilogy got odder This story that was interesting and a world that intrigued me got boring as the lines of treachery and deceit kept going It was just weird It was too much of a cosmic battle.
What made Reggie and the rest of the cast who they were felt, in a way, lost by the end of this book Sure, I liked it and I thought that the book was at least pretty good, but it also just made my nose wrinkle because it felt like the series was dragged out for way too long.
I didn t care about this Vour master plot It felt like Holt got drawn in too deep to his idea and wasn t quite sure how to get out of it And so he came up with this conventional ending so everyone was happy and fine.
Which just didn t work for me.
Too much happened for it to wrap up like that It reminds me of my rage with the ending to Lost All of that happened and I get this It s that kind of reaction for me, except less mad since I wasn t as attached to the characters or plot like I was in that one.
For me, I think this book would have been better kept as a stand alone novel where this crazy thing happened and there are these weird creatures, but nothing about this grand plot that felt too conventional so it felt like the dystopians everyone was writing at the time this was published.
Yet another conclusion to a book series Review coming soon Where we left off in Soulstice, Reggie was finally able to break Quinn free of the Vour s hold on him Unfortunately, Reggie also get s sent to Home, a mental institute run by Dr Unger, and Vours.
Reggie is forced into people s Fearscapes in order for Unger to conduct research.
All the while, Aaron, with the help of Quinn and ex tracer Machen, plan on freeing Reggie before it s too late.
I had forgotten how much I loved this series It must have been the boring, slightly unsettling cover that s put me off for so long My only real problem with this book was the ending It was resolved, but at the same time, it wasn t I felt that Holt could have wrapped things up a little better This is, I believe, the last book in the series after all.
I loved the new Fearscapes in this one They still kept on with their creepy nature The descriptions of the horrors were just incredible.
The twists in the story were unpredictible, and added great tention, and sometimes a bit of hope, into the story.
I really just wish there was The way it ended could be left open for at least another book, which I doubt will happen.
The Devouring 3 Fearscape is a thrilling page turner that I didn t put down until I finished it front to back The Devouring 2 left us with Reggie being taken to a mental ward A cliffhanger extraordinaire that had me anxiously awaiting Fearscapes release A quick side note on the Vours The Vours are evil demons that have existed since time began they can only take possession of a human body on Sorry Night , the night of the winter solstice A person who is possessed by a Vour retains all of the memories but the person is left in a place called a Fearscape Fearscapes are unique, landscapes crafted from a victim s deepest darkest fears Here the victim would live in torment, while the Vour lived a human life in the human world, with no one the wiser It turns out that they are highly organized and plan to take over the human race We find Reggie moved to an unknown location being tortured by the sadistically evil, yet human Dr Unger She is forced to go into others Fearscapes again and again, wondering if this will be the one that will break her Her stay at this facility is tortuous to say the least She is withheld food, water and all the basic necessities Along with this, she is forced to endure horrific tests But, Reggie doesn t let us down she endures and she discovers all the torture she s endured has left her with her own power A power that many fear and covet This makes Reggie most wanted by many powerful organizations alive or dead During Reggies absence, Aaron, her best friend, has been searching wildly for her He has become aligned with some ex Tracers who left the rigid organization when they found out there was another way to save those that have been possessed by the Vours other than murder He has learned to fight, to think like a warrior and is no longer the skinny nerd His sole mission is to find and save Reggie and he ll stop at nothing to accomplish this What happens throughout the book is both heartbreaking particularly when Reggie encounters an important loved one from her past, horrifically chilling, and a spine chilling nail biting page turner Reggie has enemies where she least expected friends where she least expected and an inner strength that she never realized she had The character growth in the book is fantastic I love how flawlessly the story flows, the vivid descriptions of Fearscapes and the depth of the characters personalities This is one of my favorite series and I do hope to see some in the future.
The quality of the writing in this series varies greatly from chapter to chapter Maybe what they say is true, and there were several writers working on this But while in the previous two we got some vivid, well written chapters in between mediocre ones, this book seemed much imbalanced Don t get me wrong, there were still some chapters that made the book worth reading and not just so we can know how the series ends.
Personally, what I find terrifying is not so much the concept of scary monsters, but the potential in all of us maybe the person sitting right next to you on the bus, maybe a member of your family to commit terrible acts If you compare how vital it was, how we felt the need for Reggie to save her brother in the first book and all the implications of her possible failure the destruction of her family, continuous hurt inflicted by someone you love and still feel a visceral need to protect with the much clich and impersonal off to save the world thing, I think the majority would feel a primal response to the first one The book suffered from a lack of the personal and relatable side of the characters.
That aside, it s still a good trilogy and I recommend it.
Frankly, as a conclusion to the series, it was a let down and unsatisfying There is no true resolution to the issue of the Vours and even less to Reggie s personal situation We are left not knowing whether she will become one of them or not And she ends up with Quinn Not that she should have ended up with Aaron, but after what she tells him, and then just shacks up with Quinn, just b c they bonded over their traumatic experiences Sure, there is time for her and Aaron, but that just made me furious What You ll stay with Quinn until you decide whether or not Aaron is worth it I just did not like any of the characters this time or the story Ugh Maybe it had been too long since I read the others, but this seemed less well written.
The Vours Evil Demonic Beings That Inhabit Human Bodies On Sorry Night, The Darkest Hour Of The Winter SolsticeIt S Been A Year Since Reggie First Discovered The Vours, And The Winter Solstice Is Approaching Once Again It Will Be Another Night Of Unspeakable Horror For Those Unlucky Enough To Be Taken By The Vours, Because This Time, She Won T Be Able To Stop Them The Vours Have Imprisoned Reggie In A Psychiatric Hospital, Where She Is Subjected To A Daily Routine Of Unfathomably Sadistic Experiments Her Life Is A Living Hell, But She Won T Give Up They Attacked Her Brother They Killed Her Friend And Reggie Will Never Stop Fighting Back Fearscape, Book In The Devouring Series, Ends This Chilling Trilogy With A Thought Provoking And Deeply Frightening Story That Will Leave You With Lasting Terror OMG BEST BOOK OF THE SERIES So creepy and demented.
I LOVE IT XD Love all the gruesome discription, simon holt is and artist with words, painting a horrible and cruel picture 2 thumbs up