[ Read Online The Italian's Bride ↠´ star-trek-voyager PDF ] by Diana Hamilton ✓ Lucenzo,I love you I read his ages ago and have now re read itso I can now review it It was just average for the most part Vito Verdi has died, leaving his lover behind with his infant son and now the Verdi family would like to meet himonly it turns out that Vito was already married and his older brother, who has come to take the heroine and her son to Italy think she s a homewrecker I really liked Lucenzo and the fact that he wasn t an asshathe had some misconceptions about the heroine and treated her like crap for a while, but he was a reasonable fellow and allowed himself to reconsider her personality The heroine was annoying She was ditzy, naive and cried at the drop of a hat She spent entirely too much of this book in tears She was also not so bright And I m not entirely sure about her sanity and falling in love with someone who has believed her to be a promiscuous gold digger and has treated her thusly their entire acquaintance Their romance was okaytypical marriage of convenience stuff where the heroine really wants to marry for love but has to weigh the pros and cons of a marriage without it I do feel that the ending could have been extended a bit as there were some minor loose ends, like his business trips, some sort of confrontation with her parents and maybe the inclusion of an epilogue Also worth noting I didn t realize it until re reading, but this story does not have graphic descriptions of sex It is entirely fade to black.
5 stars Sweet story One of the nicer HP heroes Heroine is adorable if a bit weepy, but who can blame her.
Portia tidak menyangka kalau kekasihnya, Vito, yang baru saja meninggal dalam kecelakaan telah mempunyai istri dan berasal dari keluarga yang sangat kaya Ketika keluarga suaminya memintanya datang ke Italia beserta bayinya, Portia awalnya menolak Dia tahu, bahwa bayinya, Sam, adalah satu satunya penerus dalam keluarga Verdi.
Lucenzo Verdi diminta ayahnya untuk datang menjemput Portia dan Sam Lucenzo tidak menyukai Portia, yang mau menjadi simpanan adik tirinya demi harta dan kekuasaan Apalagi dengan adanya Sam, Portia semakin dekat dengan keinginannya Meskipun dia tahu sifat Vito, adik tirinya, yang memiliki banyak simpanan Tetapi hanya Portia yang memiliki anak Vito Untuk itu, dia harus membawa Portia dan bayinya ke Italia.
Portia akhirnya setuju ikut ke Italia, karena mengetahui kakek si bayi, Eduardo Verdi sedang sakit dan sangat menantikan kedatangan cucunya Rencana Portia adalah hanya bertemu dengan Eduardo, dan akan berjanji untuk sering mengunjungi kakek dari anaknya itu Seminggu di Italia, Portia akan kembali ke Inggris menata kehidupannya dengan Sam Portia adalah wanita lugu dan tahu diri Namun, dia tetap memperjuangkan harga dirinya Hanya saja dia tidak bisa melawan kata hatinya dan tubuhnya yang tertarik dengan Lucenzo Kebencian Lucenzo kepadanya lah yang membuatnya bisa menahan diri Lucenzo sendiri berusaha mempertahankan akal sehatnya dengan tetap membenci Portia, meski tubuhnya berkata lain Ketika akhirnya dia mengetahui kisah Portia yang sesungguhnya, Lucenzo berubah pikiran dan mulai membela Portia dan Sam Apalagi ketika ayahnya hendak menikahi Portia demi memberi hak legal atas Sam, Lucenzo tahu dia harus segera bertindak.
Kisahnya biasa saja Tapi diceritakan dengan mengalir Tapi kisah ini diselesaikan dengan terlalu cepat Entah ini tipikal Harlequin, membangun karakter tokoh dengan baik, kisah awal sangat panjang, dan kemudian bum kedua tokoh saling menyukai secara fisik, dan kasusnya selesai Bintang 2 cukup ya Enjoyed the story I always enjoy Ms Hamilton books The Heroine could have been stronger I like the alpha male as long as they are not too bitter mean

tega ga kok ceritanya mirippppppppppppp banget sama novel yang pernah aku baca puak The story was too easy for guess the end It s too ordinary Suka sama eduardo, sang kepala keluarga Verdi, yg membantu anak nya menyadari adanya perasaan sayang terhadap Portia.
Book 3 of the Harlequin s Mini Series A Mediterranean Marriage , The Italian s Bride is a story of Luc and Portia her name gave me the old world feels.
Portia with her two week old son Sam wants to lead a peaceful existence away from the Verdis But Lucenzo Verdi, the half brother of the now dead Sam s already married father, has some other plans While Luc thinks of Portia as being nothing than a gold digger his younger half brother was a cheater, who in spite of being married, entered into a dalliance with Portia Luc thinks of Portia as husband stealer while her parents think of her as stupid Luc is who he is, shaped by his sad childhood, and sad adulthood as well.
Her parents are so, so critical of her always putting her down But, what can I say, she is very naive in her outlook towards everything in general The author makes it quite humorous at some points.
Her middle name wasn t Chickenheart, was it But it wasn t Braveheart, either I love mischevious relatives, especially those that conspire to get the main characters together Here Lucenzo s father provided the perfect dose of madness, the most outrageous of proposals I wasn t surprised, these being heroes of MB, but certainly shocked at Lucenzo s audacity in handling Portia She really is naive.
I love books with babies, and here everyone was so taken with little Sam It has been written from Portia s POV Due to past circumstances, Luc says he s unable to love anyone any, while Portia is extremely emotional, weeping at the smallest pretext.
The book just missed an epilogue.
Knowing That The Powerful Verdi Family Can Easily Take Her Baby Son Away If They Wish, Portia Makepeace Has No Choice But To Go With Lucenzo Verdi To His Home In Tuscany He Obviously Thinks She Is A Gold Digger, But To Her Horror Portia Finds Herself Falling In Love With Him So When He Offers To Make Her His Bride Does He Believe In Portia S Innocence, Or Arethere Other Motives Behind His Hot Blooded Embrace