[Zilpha Keatley Snyder] ¾ The Treasures of Weatherby [disability-studies PDF] Ebook Epub Download º Entertaining and well written I wish I could explore Weatherby house myself.
I felt very blah about this one Actually, I had second thoughts before I started as to whether or not I actually wanted to read it I don t know what it was exactly I guess there wasn t enough to the story for me Harleigh is a descendant of an odd family, the Weatherbys, and they live in a huge old house One day he meets a girl, Allegra, who has alledgedly flown over the very tall fence around the house They become friends, sort of, and she is very curious about the house At the same time, there is some sort of treasure hunting going on I guess the description makes it sound like there s a lot going on, but there really wasn t Pretty disappointing And the story with Allegra very much fell flat at the end.
Harleigh J Weatherby IV Feels Misunderstood At Age Twelve He Is About As Tall As A Six Year Old, And No One Lets Him Forget It At School The Bullies Nicknamed Him Hardly Now He Is Homeschooled At The Weatherby Mansion, Where Strict Aunt Adelaide Is Always On His Case About Something Then Harleigh Meets Allegra When She Literally Flies Over The Walls Of Weatherby And Into Harleigh S Life, The Two Form An Unlikely Friendship Allegra Is Fascinated By The Enormous Weatherby Mansion, And Against Harleigh S Orders, Sneaks Inside Together They Discover That Someone Is Trying To Find And Steal The Long Lost Weatherby Treasure Will Harleigh And Allegra Be Able To Foil The Villain And Save Weatherby House Three Time Newbery Honor Winner Zilpha Keatley Snyder Combines A Cast Of Quirky Characters With An Eerie Old Mansion To Create A Spellbinding Tale Of Mystery And Magic I wish I could give this book 2 and a half stars, but I can t This book was okay, not the best book I ve ever read unfortunately This book could have been so much better You d think Harleigh s unusual size would have something to do with the plotbut no Even the maze could ve been an incredibly mysterious place, like the place that the merry go round in The Thief Lord was hidden The plot in this book was almost invisible until the middle of the book, and even then Harleigh and Allegra seemed unconcerned Harleigh said himself the treasure didn t exist, but then he looks for it And Junior I didn t get an uneasy feeling when he was mentioned, he just didn t seem dangerous.
he found the Weatherby treasure he should have been a hero.
I don t recommend this book, read the Percy Jackson books or The Thief Lord, both are definitely better than this book, the author could ve done a better job.
A nice little adventure story even though the adventure never left the yard Some may say boring and nothing exciting happened but it was very well written and we finally got some suspense near the end as the mystery slowly built and we were finally rewarded with a suitable ending The book is so short it s not a long wait anyway This is a book I will keep in my library for my son to read when he is older he s six weeks now I would recommend it for any young reader who wants a quick little mystery to read.
The mysteries at Weatherby House and young Harleigh Weatherby the Fourth s ensuing adventures are at at first intriguing, enjoyable, and even suspenseful, but the last three chapters seem to fizzle out The resolutions are too pat, or conveniently, awkwardly ambiguous A few twists to the two dimensional characters would have made the overall story much appealing There is a bad guy who is big, ugly and stupida fat man who is gluttonousand most disappointing of all, the small young protagonist with a medical condition can t face his teasing classmates until he PHYSICALLY changes.
The last 50 pages are pretty good, but the first 150 pages are SLOW I like what this book wants to be, but it doesn t achieve its goal The old house setting is not described in a way the gives you a clear mental picture and the characters are pretty flat until the very end.
Ah, now I see why everyone loves her so much This is a house is a character story, and, oh, what a character I m in total house love A very satisfying ending as well.

This is a pretty disappointing book, especially coming from an author like Snyder, who has demonstrated in the past that she can write tight plot and complex characters I don t mind that the mysterious old house with secrets plots is overused as she admits herself but I don t see why she bothered when she does so little with it The house and family history are only sketched in vaguely, as a backdrop Harleigh was all right, if uninteresting, but Allegra was really annoying I guess Snyder stuck in the home schooling plot line to explain why the poor protagonist would bother being friends with such an irritating and rude person Also, I was irked that Snyder kept emphasizing how Allegra was really interested in the house and asked all these prying questions, and physically forced her way inside to explore, and then NEVER GIVES A REASON for her interest In the end there just wasn t enough to this book If it were possible to give half stars I d give this a half less.
Harleigh J Weatherby IV, 12, has a mighty big name, but a diminutive size He s so small other kids mistake him for a 6 year old He lives in the Weatherby Mansion with Aunt Adelaide, his father Harleigh III, and a host of other close and distant relatives The mansion is not run down, but it needs repairs The gardens are in special need of tender loving care One day, while Harleigh IV is out on the grounds, he meets Allegra a stranger his age He wonders how on earth she s managed to make it on the Weatherby property That s when she tells him she flies Yeah, ok The two become friends, if for no other reason than they are both lonely Allegra wants desperately to get inside and explore the mansion, but Aunt Adelaide insists that no strangers enter Allegra and Harleigh encounter some mysterious noises, people, and events and discover there is a Weatherby Lost Treasure to be found And, find it, they do After Allegra mysteriously leaves, he finds out that she really can fly, but not like you think