[Sarah Tucker] ä The Last Year of Being Single (Red Dress Ink) [consumer-economics PDF] Read Online ☆ I said I was in the mood for a trashy mindless romance novel so idk what else I was expecting.
I just started this book last night and it is REALLY good There is also a sequel

Na hook ako Halos ilang hours ko lang sya natapos basahin Nakaka hook basahin kasi sobrang totoo nung mga sinasabi nya Kapag nasa tamang isipan sya, yung wala syang iniisip na iba kundi sya lang, kapag hindi nya iniisip yung sasabihin ng ibang tao, tama yung mga rationalizations nya Walang bias Di ko masyado ma explain basta medyo magulo.
May funny parts sya Nakakatawa yung character ni Sarah May isang part din na naiyak ako dahil narelate ko sa sarili ko yung situation Haha.
Ang kwento eh may boyfriend sya of 5 years 9 months bago sila ikasal, nagkaron sya ng fling na sa huli eh minahal na din nya yung lalaki During sa 9 months na yun, gulong gulo sya kung sino pipiliin nya Kung si Paul ba o si John Ako boto ako kay John yung naka fling nya Masaya kasi sya kay John, kaya lang mas matagal sila nagkasama ni Paul kaya mas mahal daw nya si Paul Araw ng kasal nya, saka lang sya nakapag decide Di sya naka imik ng I do May sinabi sya kay Paul tas nag walk out na sya dun sa kasal Nagandahan ako dun sa pag alis nya kasi hindi sya yung usual na tumatakbo yung bride Basta naglalakad lang daw sya ng mabagal, lumalakad lang sya ng diretso I don t look back I just walk very slowly, without the music, to my own pace, at my own time, not knowing where I will go, only knowing that I must Buti naman, atleast may chance pa si John.
Journal format yung novel kaya nakakaentertain basahin Ang kasunod na book eh The Last Year of Being Married Na curious ako kung ano nang mangyayari Bitin kasi yung ending Ang ending eh nagtext sya ng I m not going to be married Not today kay Paul, kay John at sa sarili nya.
Ang ayoko lang sa character ni Sarah, halos lahat na ng sign at ng tao nagsasabi na wag nya pakasalan si Paul Pero humantong pa sa araw ng kasal nya bago sya nakapag decide Pero maganda na din kasi kung umayaw sya agad ng hindi pa sya sigurado, baka hindi nya kayang mapanindigan Nung umayaw sya nung araw ng kasal nya, 100% sure sya sa desisyon nya Hindi sya naguguluhan Hindi lang sa sarili nya sinasabi na ayaw na nya Nasabi nya mismo ng harapan kay Paul at sa mga tao na nandun Natagalan bago sya maging ready Nakakaawa lang si Paul kasi sa mismong araw pa ng kasal nila naging sigurado si Sarah sa desiyon nya Kaya lang parang wala din kasi silang magagawa dun Eh kung ganun talaga.
At kung pagdating ng araw malalaman nyang mali yung naging desisyon nya, atleast wala syang regrets Kasi naging totoo lang sya dun sa nararamdaman nya At kung babalik sya kay Paul kung tatanggapin pa sya ni Paul , haharap sya kay Paul nang siguradong sigurado na sya Naalala ko dito yung My Amnesia Girl Parang ganun ang nangyare Haha FAVORITE LINES Most of the couples who were eating there weren t looking at each other They were looking at other couples What they were wearing their jewellery, the labels but never who they were with We only had eyes for each other We only talked to each other We held hands We kissed in public We made love in private We slept very little Ate very little Drank very little Danced a lot Paul to Sarah I love you so much sometimes I need to come up to the surface to breathe before I can dive again to be surrounded by your love Do people do that any The old fashioned way Handwritten in cards I was always getting the length wrong and having to use the back cover to complete my work E mail and text messaging are so deletable and lazy and quick Not as clever Writing takes longer MeansMistakes, smudged by tears, crossings out and all Looking back, my relationship with Paul in those first years was innocent and special and wonderful and na ve and I wish it could have lasted for ever But, like the ink on the cards and letters, over time it faded leaving only the impression of happiness rather than the reality of it.
At the beginning this book had promise, then after the first few chapters each one became the same just reworded but basically saying the same thing Rich boyfriend is selfish must dump him, selfish lover is exciting but must dump him, oh woe is me, life is hard with my rich boyfriend and selfish lover and I m super skinny and I only eat Tuna Nicoise Then finally with five pages to spare something exciting twists the plot and its the dullest fucking ending there could have been after slogging through all that mundane shit A good read Sarah mentions the true essence of women in today s world and how they suffer not just physically but a mental torture Nice ending too I like that.
I enjoyed it, I learned to love myself first and to take career risks Had good laughs too.
really liked it when i read it.
though i would say most people probably wouldn t dig it.
A little bit of context I first read this in high school long before I was on Goodreads , bought from a secondhand book store not too long after the book came out I have no idea why I picked it at the time, because it s not something I d give a second glance today and also seems at odds with most of the things I was reading at the time About a woman who s in a loving but unhappy long term relationship and also having an affair, it had no bearing on my life then and has no bearing on my life now.
But somehow it stayed on my shelf for years, because something resonated I liked the voice, and the fact that we were seeing an affair in fiction from a relatively sympathetic perspective, which is unusual affairs in chick lit do not go down well with readers, so I usually only see affairs in books if the person having the affair is the soon to be ex.
I found it again on Goodreads, andwell, gosh People don t like this book much, do they Always curious to see people reacting so negatively to a book because they don t think the protagonist makes good choices, soI read it again And it s true it takes narrator Sarah as opposed to author Sarah pretty much the entire book to start making the choices that she s known all along will be best for everyone involved But those bad choicesthey re kind of the point, no Andrealistic for many people than a character who sees that things aren t working out as planned and immediately goes forth and fixes them I don t know how I d feel about the book if I d read it for the first time this year for some reason I can t really separate my then take from my now take , but I think it s going to stay in my brain as a book of which I m inexplicably fond.
He ProposedShe Has Her DoubtsShe Said YesNow What Everyone Tells Sarah Giles How Lucky She Is To Be Engaged To Paul O Brian, A Handsome Hotshot Who S Financially Secure, Knows How To Throw The Perfect Dinner Party And Taught Sarah How To, Uh, Take Care Of Herself Everyone Thinks He S Great Except For Sarah But She Has Too Much On Her Plate Trying To Become Career Woman Of The Year And Hiding The Fact That Her Seemingly Blissful Relationship Is All But Celibate Those Lessons He Gave Her Should Come In Handy To Figure Out What S Wrong With Mr Right, Let Alone Qualify For The Role Of Perfect FianceeMeanwhile, What Started As An Innocent Office Flirtation With A Man Named John Wayne Really , Has Now Moved Beyond Illicit Lunches And Harmless Text Messaging, And Is Fast Turning Into Erotic Obsession Sarah Can T Get John Out Of Her Head And She S Plunging Deeper Into A Double Life But Which Life Is The Lie Torn Between Two Men, And Trying Not To Lose Sight Of Her Own Dreams, Sarah Writes A Scandalously Honest Diary Of One Life Changing Year, And Faces The Challenge Of Writing Her Own Happy Ending