[Ronne Randall] ☆ The Little Red Hen [womens-fiction PDF] Read Online Ñ This was my all out favourite as a child I made my mother read it to me several times a day and soon knew it by heart Little Red Hen At Each Step Of The Way Harvesting, Threshing And Taking The Grain To The Mill The Little Red Hen S Lazy Friends Refuse To Help So When Her Efforts Yield A Warm, Fragrant Loaf Of Bread, The Little Red Hen Is Glad To Say That She Is Going To Eat The Bread Herself Full Description My son s class re enacted this classic tale in a school assembly, with my son cast as duck After saying Not I he added a loud, and ad lib, so ha Spoiler alert he didn t get any bread, not even when it was stale and lumps were thrown in a pond.

Cute book, enjoyed the inside cover maplike drawing too What I didn t like is the moral so if your friends don t help you, you don t offer them your bread In this retelling the hen could have said at the last station, that if you guys don t help me, don t come asking for a piece Or at the very end she could have asked them Why didn t you help me It s not fair that I do all the work and you take credit for it and not let little readers know if she gave them some bread or not.
This book depicts the frustrations of The Little Red Hen who finds a grain of wheat she wants to plans but receives no assistance from the other farmyard animals she asks for assistance She consequently plants the seeds without assistance and when the time comes to harvest them, again she fails to get assistance The hen finally completes her task and asks who will help her eat the bread She is overwhelmed by offers to help her eat the bread, and she declines their help because none of them helped her She goes on to eat with her chicks The moral of this story is that those who show no willingness to contribute to a product do not deserve to enjoy the product if any would not work, neither should he eat I like this book because it teaches people that hard work pays off and that laziness doesn t This is a message that children should learn at an early stage in their lives I would recommend this book to nursery and KS1 pupils There is a lot of repetition which cements the message to the age group The book is fun and engaging You can read this as a class or in small groups.