Trailer Ó The Intelligent Entrepreneur PDF by Ó Bill Murphy Jr. This is an excellent book which outlines three separate entrepreneurs who built companies after going to B school.
The hard part for me was that this book was shamelessly plugging Harvard Business School the whole time It wasn t even subtle I kept thinking this was Bill Murphy Jr s application essay or something Or maybe, the dean himself wrote this book and used the pen name Bill Murphy Jr The HBS plugs actually took away from the content.
The stories about the three entrepreneurs were awesome It documents the founding of the companies Blue Mercury, the Ladders, and Military.
com and really goes in depth.
Apparently there are 10 rules of entrepreneurship spelled out somewhere in this book but I honestly can t remember them I feel like the subtitle was an afterthought to sell copies.
And I m sure it worked I bought this book because I feel like every business section in every bookstore had this book prominently displayed and that everyone was judging me because I hadn t read it yet.
So here I am world, in your little Intelligent Entrepreneur club Are you happy now I thought so.
The book is about 3 Harvard business school graduates give advice and rules on successful Entrepreneurship they each tell their own story on how they think the best way to run a business is and they each have different opinions It s so disappointing to embark on a non fiction book which has a great concept, only to find it is marketing material packaged as entrepreneurship reading I was going to save the rest of the public the pain I suffered in the first 70 pages before I gave up, by listing the 10 lessons , but I can t bear to face the book again, so apologies for that A message to Harvard Business This book is an embarrassment it s a hard sell, inappropriate over kill, and heavily elitist too You can do better.
I had to abandon this audiobook early on because a the stories are extremely long, detailed and tedious, and b the narrator pronounces entrepreneur as entreprenYORR as the book is about entrepreneurs, he says the word A LOT There may well be good stuff here, but I lack the patience to listen to it So the one star is really for me.
This book started out fairly well However, I kept being annoyed that this felt like an add for HBS than a serious book In the end, it was an airport book than a real reference.
Found this book on a list of the Written With The Cooperation Of Harvard Business School, An Instructive And Inspiring Book For Anyone Who Dreams Of Starting A Highly Profitable BusinessIn , Three Harvard Business School Graduates Two Men And One Woman Turned Down Six Figure Salaries At Big Corporations, Bet On Themselves, And Launched Their Own New Companies By Their Ten Year Reunion, Their Audacity Had Paid Huge Dividends They D Made Many Millions Of Dollars, Created Hundreds Of Jobs And Left Their Mark On The WorldBased On Dozens Of Interviews With Highly Successful Entrepreneurs, Harvard Business School Professors, And HBS Alumni, The Intelligent Entrepreneur Tells The Compelling And Instructive Story Of How These Three Young Founders Developed Ideas, Assembled Teams, Built Ventures, And Achieved Their Dreams Along The Way, They Learned That Starting Great Companies Requires Much Than A Ferocious Work Ethic Or Good Timing Their Hard Won Insights Distilled Into Ten Key Rules Will Help Anyone Become A Successful EntrepreneurWhat They Teach You At Harvard Business School Is That Intelligent Entrepreneurship Can Be Learned In That Spirit, Bill Murphy Jr Uses A Unique Combination Of Vivid Storytelling And Lucid Instruction To Show Would Be Entrepreneurs How To Improve Their Odds Of Creating Dynamic, Lasting Businesses Very interesting read Follows the story of 3 entrepreneurs who graduated from the 1998 Harvard business school and over the course of 15 years started 4 different companies Details how they started them, along with the challenges they faced Really encouraging read as it motivates you to start a company and work towards your own goals Has 10 basic rules to follow 1 Make the commitment 2 Find a problem, then solve it do not find a solution, and they search for a problem 3 Think big, think new, think again 4 You can t do it alone 5 You must do it alone 6 Manage risk 7 Learn to lead 8 Learn to sell 9 Persist, persevere, prevail 10 Play the game for life The rules basically explain themselves Good book for anyone contemplating starting or wanting to start a business or startup of their own Really made me think hard about some of my passions and desires to start a business in a new light.
Bill Murphy Jr.
, if you re reading this fantastic job I found this to be the most compelling book on entrepreneurship that I ve read to date I m the kind of person who needs to see people s experiences, so following three people s journeys through entrepreneurship was really helpful to me It kept my attention throughout the entire read and it also built my confidence to see these 3 go through what I m currently going through now I m three years into my entrepreneur journey, and again, this book was the most helpful to me thus far Highly recommend.
The author has done a lot of research and hard work to bring this book into life He is trying to make an impact on us by sharing some valuable principles to be followed while we come up with our own business, one day He narrates what went wrong and what went right for the intelligent entrepreneurs whom he describes throughout book Their stories are so inspiring and we can learn a lot from the their successes and failures I highly recommend this book.