[Anne Weale] Ô A Night to Remember [gabon PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ô An Innocent ProposalUntil Now, Cassia Browning Had Lived Rather A Sheltered Life With Her Father In Spain However, She Could Still Recognize A Dangerous Man When She Met One, And Sim N, Marqu S De Mondrag N, Was Just That Apart From Being Alarmingly Attractive, He Was Seldom Ever Seen Without A Glamorous Escort What Was , He Had A Proposition For Her Cassia Wasn T Sure Exactly What The Marqu S Was Going To Propose But She Had No Doubt That His Intentions Would Be Strictly Dishonorable

Sweet romance of a Spanish aristocrat taking a young girl from her hotel job and giving her another job on his spanish back country project with presumably the intention of winning her over All the usual misunderstandings and attractions in a light and civilised manner The usual HEA with love conquers all attitude Nice weekend read without any complicated plots Solid 3.
5 stars.
Nice great historical background Nice read in the gentle style Not much suspense or conflict Likeable characters Always liked this author Nice secondary characters also.