Download Epub Format Á Swan, Volume 1 PDF by ô Kyoko Ariyoshi Wow, classic shoujo is definitely an adjustment to read The artwork is flowery and the emotions are dramatic This one is an old CMX title publishing a 1970s ballet epic The initial setup brings together dancers for a ballet competition where they d win private lessons with top dancers and choreographers The contrast is between Hijiri Masumi a young girl that loves to dance but has flawed technique and the other brilliant young dancers like Sayoko Kyogoku I ll be honest some of the plot points stretch credulity not many top companies can afford to lose their best dancers etc for six months unless it s in the middle of summer maybe And maybe I ve watched too many ballet documentaries but I can t believe any dancer would complain about having to train the basics The professionals still take class every day But it was nice to see familiar ballets and even real dancers like Margot Fonteyn and Gelsey Kirkland mentioned in the volume.
The best ballet manga that I ever read I read volume 1 21 in Indonesia but always hope that CMX will republish and finish translating volume 16 21 into English version.
One Of The Most Famous Shoujo Manga books Ever Published, SWAN Is Ariyoshi Kyoko S Best Selling Classic About A Girl Who Strives To Become A Great Ballerina Masumi Hijiri Is A Year Old Girl About To Enter Her First Ballet Contest The Competition Is Fierce, And There S No Telling Whether She Ll Win, Or How Far Her Training Can Take Her After Seeing Her Performance, The Great Director Sergeiev Alexej Invites Masumi To Join His Company, And It Is Thus That She Launches Her Career Only To Spend Years Dancing In The Shadow Of Prima Ballerina Kyogoku Sayoko SWAN Vol Begins The Tale Of Masumi S Incredible Journey Through The Great Baller Companies Of Europe And America And Through Both Triumph And Despair As She Struggles Toward Her Goal Of Becoming The Greatest Dancer Of Her Generation It is a fine enough manga, the plot was not the best however, the mangaka actually researched about ballet There was a part I find pecular is that the characters ate right before a big test or a full work out They sometimes do some dancing without even a quick barre work.
Life is certainly stranger than fiction The main protagonist lacked personality in comparison the real dancers in their autobiography.
It certainly is great in the fact it does not have any romance subplot yet and the characters worked hard to have something so there are suspense However, the continous competitions made ballet seem like a sport The art is beautiful, and this manga has so many beautiful drawings of dance.
Masumi Hijiri is the daughter of a widowed sculptor, who has enjoyed her ballet lessons since she was a little girl She loves to dance, and watch others perform in ballet But stuck in a small city in rural Hokkaido, there just isn t the chance for truly expert training So when Masumi suddenly gets an invitation to compete in a national ballet scouting event, with instruction at the top Otori School as a prize, she decides to give it her all This famous shoujo girls manga started in 1976 and ran for 21 volumes, of which 15 were published in English by the ill fated CMX label There was a surge of interest in ballet dancing in Japan at the time, and the creator did a lot of research to make the movements and poses look right.
The handicap of Masumi s inferior training is offset by her enormous potential as a prima ballerina, or so we are led to believe by every experienced instructor s reactions to her dancing She s still very much prone to moments of comical klutziness Masumi is chosen to attend Otori, and it s at this point she learns her mother was in fact a locally famous ballerina herself Somehow this has never come up in conversation with her father or teachers before But it will be a recurring plot point later in the series At school, Masumi becomes good friends with Sayoko Kyogoku who is also her rival , the handsome Hisho Kusakabe who is Sayoko s long time partner, and Aoi Yanagisawa, who is Hisho s friendly rival They all train rigorously Masumi is soon struggling to keep up, and is signed up for extra training with famous Russian dancer Alexei Sergeiev, along with the impulsive Yuka Asagi.
It turns out that all this was preparation for a contest to see which Otori students get to go to Moscow to train with that internationally acclaimed ballet troupe The ballet is Sleeping Beauty and Sayoko, Masumi and Yuka are all dancing for the role of Aurora only one of them will succeed This manga is made in the flowery, elaborately detailed style popular in shoujo in the 1970s, which works very well for the world of ballet It s also expressive of the melodramatic emotions the characters undergo Modern readers may find the art style somewhat antiquated and over the top.
While the creator did her research, there are some moments that are not particularly realistic in order to ratchet up the dramatic tension those well trained in the ballet field will easily spot them.
I am uncertain if it is the paper quality or I simply got unlucky with storage, but my copy s pages have discolored much than other manga volumes printed at the same time Collectors may have a hard time finding a copy in mint condition.
Recommended to fans of ballet or the Princess Tutu anime, especially girls.
Amazing Sometimes hard to tell the pretty boys apart, but otherwise amazing Too bad CMX did not publish the whole story.
Things I liked about Swan 1 the idea of a ballet centric story in manga format is highly original and creative 2 the drawings of the steps were accurate and very well done.
3 the male dancers students were the most interesting characters.
4 the famous ballets that are referred to in the story get quick explanations, and with some of the stories, that s not always easy to do 5 the ballet terms in the dialogue weren t dumbed down instead, there was a glossary at the bottom of each page to help the reader out Things I did not like 1 the heroine, Masumi She has got to be, out of all the manga I ve read so far, the most wishy washy character ever Insecurity is certainly normal in the world of ballet, but Masumi takes it to a whole new level Half the book is spent with her whining about how she s not good enough to dance, then she decides she wants to work harder, then something happens or she gets called out gets into trouble and bawls her head off and decides she can t do itit got to the point where I was counting the number of times she cried And trust me, this girl cried way too many times for such a short book 2 there s some sort of mysterious challenge as to why Masumi gets as far as she does It s only referred to once, and I guess this gets explored a bit in future volumes, but otherwise I found myself wondering, yeah, she might have some potential, but otherwise, why is Masumi lucky enough to keep getting all these second chances 3 I know the whole silly face thing is a staple of manga, but it comes off as ridiculous and jarring to the plot when it s used in this story.
4 for a story somewhat grounded in reality, there s an awful lot that s unrealistic The partnering idea was interesting and fun to read about, but would never happen at a real ballet competition Also, Masumi would never get as far as she does, nor would she magically turn into a prima overnight like the end of the volume implies she would improve, but they kind of go overboard in emphasizing how much she improves in such a short period Also, if Masumi had such poor training, how did she make it to the competition I know I sound like a total ballet snob But I did like this book, and I d like to read the rest of the series.

Reading just the first book was a pretty challenging task In a positive tone, I had no complaints about the drawing The art was beautiful and very bishi shoujo everyone had huge eyes, regardless of gender, and everyone s body was impeccably perfect Lol like dem mangas But in the harsh realities of this series, not only was it hard to follow as the characters all looked the same wide eyed, tall, and beautiful men and women , the story was just as hard to follow as scenes jumped from here to there The congruity was a little off and things were not cohesive enough for me to actually enjoy myself As I was just to busy trying to understand what exactly was happening at the moment Another thing that I didn t like was the slow moving plot I have no problem with the topic of ballet, it s beautiful and graceful It takes endurance and motivation But always reminding your readers that yes, this story is about the hardships and strifes of ballet life it gets a tad overexposed after the first few chapters Well that was my brief review, all I can say with full happiness is to read this at your own discretion And maybe, hopefully, you will it enjoy it than I did PS The people s expressions in this manga They literally went from beautifully stunning, enduring the battles of ballet to comedically and immaturely cartoon like Like bulging eyes that you d find in the Sunday paper s Garfield comic strip And bodies like small squiggles.
oh, it s so good the shocked look still freaks me out though i keep thinking that the blank eye look means they are going to faint, not that they are so shocked, they can t speak while reading the series, you get lovely explainations and history of ballet yay you know, i have some knowledge of ballet, and still have some trouble visualizing what they were describing but what ariyoshi does well is actually shows the movement of the steps instead of just snapshots it reminded me a lot of an expanded version of forbidden dance, or like forbidden dance is the condensed version of swan.
Best depiction of dance I ve ever seen in fiction You d think it being a static comic, drawing dance sequences would be really hard, but the author really knows how to show bodies in action I guess the only complaint is how does Masumi, the heroine, manage to pick up so many languages I get in a dance company you have to travel around a lot, but wow Russian, English, German etc Expect through the roof melodrama It gets a bit ridiculous, but all in good fun And Leonhart does improve, kinda Some readers don t really enjoy the New York arch, but jeez does that scene where Lucian dances Bolero send a skitter up my spine If only I could post pictures in reviews.