↠´ Protecting His Brothers Bride à Download by á Jan Schliesman Plenty of action and a few good plot twists are the highlights of this story The sharp, witty banter between Dalton and Kira, along with their sizzling chemistry, makes this story one entertaining romance RT Book Reviews, 4 stars.
It was okay i found the plot to be too predictable half way though he story, I know what was going to happen I never cared for josh or even dalton that much.
AN UNLIKELY PARTNERSHIP SHROUDED IN SECRETS FAMILY SECRETS TOO SHOCKING TO REVEAL Framed For Embezzling, Investigator Kira Kincaid Will Go To Any Lengths To Clear Her Name Even Team Up With Dalton Matthews, Her Estranged Now Deceased Husband S Brother But The Reclusive Mogul Isn T What She Expected He S The Quintessential Alpha Male Who Evokes An Unwelcome Yearning And Now, Thanks To His Involvement With Kira, A Target To Those Trying To Kill HerDalton Is Determined To Protect The Headstrong Widow, Even As He Plans To Walk Away Once She S Safe If Only Her Green Eyed Gaze Didn T Melt All Of His Emotional Defenses But When Their Mission Exposes An Earth Shattering Family Secret From Both Their Pasts, Dalton Must Choose Between His Brother S Betrayal And The One Woman He Should Deny I am not usually one for Romantic Suspense novels but I won this and was thoroughly impressed Jan Schliesman has written a very engaging story To quote Jan My favorite stories are those that make me forget I m reading a book , this book lives up to this mantra It is the story of Kira Kincaid who is framed for embezzlement and Dalton Matthews, a reclusive mogul While Kira is trying to clear her name she unintentionally draws Dalton into the drama while trying to avoid assassins trying to kill her I don t want to say because this is a book to be read, I highly recommend it.
I can not believe that this is the first book Jan Schliesman has published I loved the fast paced action, realistic characters and the awesome romance I am already dying to read AJ and Tates stories This author has was it takes to win readers.
At first, I admit if felt that things were moving a little slowly, but I also have to admit I would probably have been irritated if Kira and trusted and fallen for Dalton as soon as they met It made perfect sense that she didn t not know whether or not to trust him, especially since he made it clear that family comes first For her that family was her husband and his brother a husband who deserted her at the worst possible time and now she needs him to help clear her name She doubts if will even when she jumps bail to locate him, only to discover that he and maybe her last chance to clear herself are dead, as dead as she will be if the person stalking her gets his way.
She is surprised to learn that in spite of his insistence that he will not hear anything bad about his brother, he is than a good person he is a man of courage and honor She can only hope that those characteristics don t get him killed right along with her.
I won a print copy of this book during a recent Facebook party It was already on my wish list, so now I am anxiously awaiting the next book Good story Kira is having a rough time She s being framed for embezzlement Her husband, who she is trying to serve with divorce papers, has disappeared In an attempt to find Josh and clear her name, she reluctantly teams up with Josh s brother Dalton Kira, a product of the foster care system, is used to doing things on her own When she started noticing that things weren t adding up properly at work, she started her own investigation But her search brought her to the attention of the wrong people, and suddenly she s the one in trouble In her attempt to find out about Josh at Dalton s house, he became a target also Kira hates the idea of having drawn Dalton into her mess, and several times tries to get him to stop trying to help her It isn t too long before she realizes that s a losing battle, and has to admit that she s glad he s on her side At first Dalton is suspicious of this woman who claims to be married to his brother The fact that she is wanted doesn t help her case But some careful questioning has him admitting that her claims might be real And when someone blows up her rental car and torches his house, his protective instincts take over Convincing her to trust him isn t easy, especially since they both have reasons to be cautious around the opposite sex The relationship that built between them was an unwilling one at first Neither wanted to be attracted to the other, but they couldn t stop it I loved the way that Dalton was so determined to protect Kira, but he wasn t going to allow himself to even think of a future with her Just as Kira wasn t going to risk her heart again after having it so badly broken by Josh and everything he did But their hearts could not be denied, and when everything was over they knew that if they wanted to be happy they had to be together.
The suspense of this story was really very good I loved the pride that Kira took in her work, and when things looked suspicious she was determined to get at the truth It was also great to see that she was also fanatical about making sure she had backups of everything and how important that ended up being It was interesting to see how Kira was able to take Dalton from being convinced she was lying to willing to help her clear her name The intensity of the attacks kept going up as the man behind it all got desperate I admit that I did not see that final confrontation coming, though once it did I completely understood it I did expect that last twist and that one made me very happy.
I enjoyed the secondary characters of Tate and A.
J The estrangement between Tate and Dalton was hard on them both, and by the end it looked like they were on the way to getting past it I loved the way the three of them worked together to save Kira I d like to see both of them get their own stories, because I got the feeling that there was to each of them than appeared on the surface.
Man, Kira is kinda dumb, but I guess it was an okay junk read It s like Double Jeopardy with Much Ado About Nothing esque romance But of course you know where it s going and how it ll end I think the only thing I wanted to see was Kira take people to court for defamation and destroying her reputation Also, Kira has a serious problem larger people She claims they re all obese with high blood pressure and insurance nightmares without any medical evidence of these insinuations Stereotyping seems to be her forte And Dalton seems to think women like certain kinds of showers, and that Kira is meant to be controlled butnot controlled I am so confused Whatever I m overthinking this.
I loved this book I haven t laughed so hard in a long time at the antics of two characters in a romantic suspense The dialogue between the heroine and hero is sharp and witty and the action is fast paced The heroine is a pistol She knows what she has to do and heaven help anyone who gets in her way The hero decides he ll go along just to keep her safe Ah huh Turns out to be the best decision he ever made You will laugh You might cry But you will not put this book down.

Pretty good story line, but I wanted something I wasn t overwhelmed with anything really, it was all kind of right down the middle Even the supposed action and danger didn t get my heart pumping That combined with the fact that I figured out the entire story line before anything was revealed toward the end made this one only a 3 star read for me It was good enough, but not great I will probably have a hard time remembering much about this book in a few weeks.
Lot of suspense, betrayal When Kira Kincaid is blamed and is facing jail time for something her husband has done she isn t sure what to do She will do whatever is takes to clear her name.
needing proof to back her claims she goes in search of Josh The surprise is on her for what she finds outrunning into Dalton Matthews is another thing surprise she learned Dalton Matthews finds a women snooping on his property, but the shock to his system is when he finds out who she is Then surprises start popping up, and not in a good way When he learns things about her he s not sure exactly what to do Then again she is in a boat load of trouble, and that s putting mildly They soon are running for here lives When they find out some truths about her husband and his wife things become clear It isn t what either of them expected Beautiful ending and very touching.