☆ Mind Your Monsters æ Download by ✓ Catherine Bailey Vampires And Werewolves And Zombies Oh My It S A Monster Invasion, And The Stinky Smelling Creatures Are Destroying Wally S Peaceful Little Town They Scare The Kids, Knock Over The Lampposts, And Make A Mess Of Everything And No One Can Stop Them Until, Fed Up, Wally Says The Magic Word, PLEASE Learning Good Manners Has Never Been As Monstrously Fun This is a great book for gently reminding children to use their manners And it s combined with monsters what could possibly be fun and engaging for children A super concept that s been well executed One of the best manners books I ve seen, with really excellent monsters.
A manner s book with monsters, with a lesson on the magical word, Please I loved the illustration style it has a movie like quality, which makes sense since the illustrator is a storyboard creator and animator It definitely has the flare and makes me want to be friends with the adorable monsters.
My grandson liked it Light hearted, funny and a surprise, satisfying ending.
A cute story to teach the lesson of the magic word please.
ATA Storytime Kit ReviewVampires and werewolves and zombies oh my It s a monster invasion, and the stinky smelling creatures are destroying Wally s peaceful little town They scare the kids, knock over the lampposts, and make a mess of everything And no one can stop them until, fed up, Wally says the magic word, PLEASE Learning good manners has never been as monstrously fun Subject Monsters Juvenile fiction.
Etiquette Juvenile fiction.
NotesCatherine Bailey is an author whose work has been published in children s magazines, including Hello Highlights for Children Her next book, Hypnosis Harry , is forthcoming from Sky Pony Press She lives in sunny FL with her husband and two children.
Oriol Vidal is an illustrator and storyboard artist based in Barcelona, Spain He graduated from U.
B Barcelona with a degree in Fine Arts Including illustrating books and magazines, Oriol has worked in animation where he developed character designs and storyboards for clients in the US, France, UK, South Korea, and Spain He happily works and lives with his little daughter, his wife, his cat, and his rowdy budgie.
Here s a story with a subtle message about asking for things from monsters and getting your wish These monsters make messes, knock over lampposts, chase mailmen, stink and scare everyone.
How will they get them to stop or go away The answer is in a request that you will find when you read the story and learn the secret Good choice for a monster story.
I found this book while looking for a Monster storytime book, and enjoyed not only the artwork but also the message Being polite and saying please really works Even with monsters Recommended for ages 4 8, 4 stars.
This is a super cute book about manners disguised as a book about monsters Who knew that the magic word to get people to listen to you is always please I plan to use this in a preschool aged storytime.